The Boy In the Striped Pajamas

By John Boyne

Main Conflict

The main conflict of this story is A Boy named Bruno that's German and a boy named Shmuel that's Jewish. Bruno doesn't know that Shmuel is in danger. The friendship between them is a big conflict


Bruno, and Shmuel

Primary Setting

Bruno's house, Auschwitz training camp

Beginning Events

Some events from the beginning of the story are. At first Bruno and his family move from his hometown Berlin to Auschwitz training camp. Then after a couple days Bruno decides to make a swing witch he falls off of and Pavel comes and saves him and gets him all fixed up. Bruno's mom comes in and sees what happened to him and thanks Pavel but takes the credit for his doings.

Middle Events

Bruno's grandma dies and everyone is very devastated at the sudden incident. Bruno goes adventuring through the woods when he finds a kid sitting along a barbed wire fence. Bruno and the kid Shmuel talk to each other and tell each other their names and eventually become good friends.

Ending Events

Near the end of the story Bruno has gotten word that he is moving back to Berlin right as he is starting to get used to Auschwitz. When he gets the word he notices he doesn't have much more time with his friend Schmuel. He and Shmuel make a plan for him and Shmuel to come into Auschwitz to have fun. Then Bruno comes into Auschwitz the next day and he and Shmuel get caught in a pack going to the gas chamber. They get carried in and later die in the chamber

How it was resolved

Bruno and Shmuel's friendship got them into death when they walk into a gas chamber while looking for Shmuel's papa.