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Congratulations to the EDS Class of 2017

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On Friday, May 26, the EDS class of 2017 officially graduated on to high school. This amazing group of young people are going on to do amazing things.

Featured Alumni

Sarah Rogowski, EDS Class of 1996

Sarah Rogowski grew up in Sulphur, LA and attended EDS from 5th grade through 8th grade. She eventually earned her degree in Atmospheric Science at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2004. Her interest in weather dates as far back as her childhood. Sarah remembers seeing the movie Twister and realizing that, unlike most people, she didn't want to be the storm chaser. She wanted to be back in the office with the scientists!

With her parents encouragement she began volunteering at local TV stations and even received an internship at the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles. However, Sarah was vastly outnumbered as a woman in this field. In her graduating class, Sarah was one of only two women. She remembers male classmates accusing her of getting good grades because of her gender. She was also warned that this was a hard field for women and her outlook for employment was not great. However, for each negative comment, Sarah vowed to work that much harder in an effort to prove them wrong.

Sarah did prove them wrong and was hired right after college as a Meteorologist Intern at the National Weather Service in Jackson, MS. She then moved to the National Weather Service in Baltimore where she met her future husband. Then eventually moved to Salt Lake City, UT where Sarah works at the nearby Center for Weather Service Unit.

Sarah was recently honored by the National Weather Service during the month of March as one of the "Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business." These women have successfully challenged the role of women in both business and the paid labor force.

Sarah says that the best thing about working with the National Weather Service is that she has been able to pursue a variety of interests. She now works in outreach, education, teaching, and social media. She also works with air traffic controllers to provide weather information to pilots so they can make informed decisions about flights that are in trouble. She says those are incredibly stressful days but very rewarding.

Outside of work, Sarah is a busy mom of a toddler who she says loves to watch the weather on the TV. She is on the board of directors at her son's daycare as well as an adjunct professor at Westminster College teaching Aviation Meteorology to student pilots.

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Q & A with Sarah

What impact did EDS have on you?

EDS had such a positive impact on me both personally, socially and academically. I came to EDS for 5th grade and immediately made friends. The entire school was welcoming. EDS helped establish a high standard of what to expect in an academic environment.

Did EDS create a love of learning in you?

EDS created a love of learning and a love of being challenged. My teachers encouraged me to look beyond the surface and to ask smarter questions. They expected for me to learn more than the basics and to understand what I was learning. Part of my work now is to understand the impacts of my weather forecasts - to ask "what's next?" and "how is my forecast being used?" and "how can I be better?" I can easily say that EDS is part of the reason I enjoy my profession today.

What passions did you find at EDS?

EDS instilled the passion of being involved. I had the opportunity to participate in the Future City Project - designing a future city and learning about city planning. I was able to be on the dance team and cheerleader squad, in the choir (which I continued through college), and be a member of the volleyball, basketball and track teams. My dad even helped coach basketball and track. EDS gave me the passion of being well-rounded and to utilize different parts of my brain in things I enjoy.

Describe the faculty at EDS?

The faculty at EDS made the effort to get to know me as a student and as a person. They cared. Every teacher made an effort to make class a challenge. They wanted for their students to learn and succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Did you have a favorite teacher?

I had many favorite teachers! Mrs. Cheryl Gott was my first teacher at EDS. Mrs. Beverly Kelley was a neighbor as well as my middle school English teacher and probably the person who most prepared me for high school and college. Ms. Pam Gabriel (now Mrs LeBlanc) was someone I'd known most of my life and was a favorite teacher through high school. Dr. Sandra Leder was the first teacher to encourage my interest in earth science. My mom, Louise Allen, was also a teacher at EDS for 10 years. I was able to get to know teachers of other grades, including Mrs. Sarah Spiller and "Coach" Duane Clemmons, and still keep in touch with many of these teachers today.

Was there a time that a teacher went above and beyond for you?

I struggled in my first 9 weeks at EDS - I was essentially behind academically. Mrs. Gott found that I already knew how to diagram sentences and let me demonstrate a diagram for the class. I became so much more comfortable and confident after that and felt I was finally able to catch up academically.

Describe the EDS community.

The EDS community is kind and encouraging. They are in every way a family that will always welcome you home. I always had small classes that let me get to know the teachers and the students.

What did you like about your fellow students?

I liked the friendship from my fellow students. I appreciated how they welcomed me and never made me feel like "the new kid." We learned together, made memories together, and had fun together. I have memories of our overnight field trip to New Orleans and riding with my friends and teammates in my dad's old car to track practice. I also had the chance for an "independent study" type of class in 8th grade where, based on a pre-test, I was able to work with one other student to work ahead on our own.

Did you stay in touch with EDS friends?

I definitely keep in touch with my EDS friends, students and teachers. Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch. We are able to see into each other's professional lives as well as our personal lives - we have children the same age and can watch them grow up no matter how far away we move.

Did EDS help you find the right college for you?

EDS helped me to know what kind of college to find - something small but that would help me achieve what I'd planned for a career. The University of Louisiana at Monroe was exactly the right fit. My graduating class in my major was 8 students, the largest in history at the time. We were expected to do well. Our professors cared, and I still keep in touch with my college friends like my EDS friends.

How prepared for college and life were you?

I've always said I began "college prep" at EDS. My teachers challenged me, and parts of high school were easier and more enjoyable because of the skills that EDS helped me develop. I was organized and able to adapt to different professors and teaching styles. I knew how to prioritize my workload to get things done. I knew it was important to be well-rounded, so I took a variety of classes in history, government, math and science and continued with music. It made my college experience more beneficial and enjoyable and ultimately helped me get a job offer before graduation.

Recent Events at EDS

Alumni News

  • Haider Mir, EDS class of 2009, has received early decision acceptance to the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. More than 130 students applied and only 20 students received interviews. Haider graduated from McNeese this May as an honor student with a degree in biology. He was also presented at a McNeese baseball game for spring court for academic achievement. (pictured right)
  • Wendy Colonna, EDS class of 1990, was featured in Thrive Magazine's February issue. She was recently married and is expecting a baby in June.
  • Simar Chadha, EDS class of 2013 , was recently accepted into Yale University. (pictured left)
  • Skylar Gilmore, EDS Class of 2011, made the Baylor University's dean's list for the fall semester. To be named to the list, a student must be an undergraduate with a minimum grade-point average of 3.7 while enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours.

  • Amanda Gentry, EDS class of 1999, is a local artist and her work was featured in the December issue of The Jambalaya News.

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