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For the Week of November 8th

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Tis the Season


English/Language Arts

Social Studies

Holiday Concert- AWESOME!

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Tis the Season...

...yep it is the season for sickness. (Not what you thought I was going to say is it?) We have had a number of kiddos out of class due to colds and the like. I reminded the kids today to wash hands and hand sanitize. We also discussed that sneezing into our elbow is the best way to cover our sneeze and spread the least amount of germs. Thank you for helping us keep the sickies away by keeping your child home if they have a fever or are throwing up.

Math -Division is the focus

Today as we were working in math I was impressed at how far we have come. Most of the students in the class have a division strategy that is working for them. Some of them still need time to practice, but I am very proud of the work that they are doing.

English/Language Arts

Over, the last week we have been working on elaborating our writing. Students have used questions this week to help them add more ideas in their writing. I haven't forgotten I will be sending a piece of writing home soon for you to enjoy!

From the last newsletter: (still true) In reading we will be working on reading non-fiction texts and knowing what a strong written response looks and sounds like.

Social Studies

What a beautiful state we live in! We have taken an aerial DVD tour of some of the regions of Washington. Students have be able to see the coastline with lighthouses, some of the logging and shipping industry in action as well as the city skyline of Seattle. We will continue to gather more knowledge about the different geographic regions in our state.