Drinking in College

By: Icabel Rodriguez


Research shows that every four out of five college students consume alcohol. About half of students who drink consume most of the alcohol through binge drinking. Binge drinking is when one consumes an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time, which is dangerous because the levels of blood alcohol content increases rapidly. About 2,000 college students die every year due to injuries dealing with alcohol. Most students are assaulted or sexually abused because they are not in the right state of mind when intaking this substance. Academic problems arise because drinking causes students to miss class, fall behind, do poorly on exams or work, and receiving low grades. Most of them start to get addicted to alcohol during their early stages of adulthood and it eventually turns into a life-long issue. Although most students do not get to the point where they cannot control themselves, the percentage that cannot is increasing. Most colleges try to stick to the social norm to keep the school rating at a high.

Survey Results

The issue that I am focusing on is drinking in college. This is not new news to most of us, but is an issue that is shoved under the rug. The survey I conducted entailed what a person’s drinking experience consisted of. I focused on teenagers that will be attending college within the next year. I created a google form that allowed me to collect personal data about one's experience anonymously. Although I surveyed high school students, this survey still gave me accurate results because most of them will carry these actions with them to college. The results of the survey were similar to my initial thoughts of students drinking. Even with the age limit for drinking students in high school and most definitely college will find a way to consume alcohol. It is a given that by the time you graduate high school you will have had some encounter with alcohol. Most of the students live in a urban area, which makes is much easier to access this substance at a young age. A little over half of the students were pressured into drinking and have made this a habit for themselves. The amount that each student drank varied, some had more self control than others.

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