A Little Bit About Me

Gabby Paskins

Hi everyone! My name is Gabby Paskins and I'm a senior at a very small private school called Rivers Academy. Although I just started the class, my favorite subject is Anatomy/Physiology. I will be auditioning this winter in hopes of receiving a contract to dance with a ballet company. I'm going to audition for many companies, but I would love to dance with Boston Ballet. I am taking this course because I enjoy science and I thought it would help with the Anatomy class. I didn't have a good biology teacher at my old school, so I am hoping that I will learn more in this course. I've taken many classes with GAVS such as Health, French, and AP Art History. Although I would prefer to dance in a ballet company, I will be applying to Indiana University, Butler, and a couple others. Indiana University has a very good ballet program, so I'm hoping to be accepted there.


Movie: Forrest Gump

Bands: The Airborne Toxic Event and The Strokes

Book: Paper Towns

TV Show: Park and Rec!!

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