Center Court Sting

by Matt Christopher


The setting of Center Court Sting is about a kid named Daren McCall and he is wondering why one of his teammates Lou Betteman has been acting weird lately. Last year he was a superstar and he also was at the beginning of this year but now he is after Daren by blaming him of bad mouthing at Lou but then it gets even worse. He blames him of vandalism but then Daren falls victim to an act that has frightened everyone. Read the book for yourself and find out the mystery in Center Court Swing.


In this exciting story made by Matt Christopher there are a lot of characters. including:

Carl Mantell

Lou Bettman

Daren McCall

Lynn Mayes

Coach Micheals

Cris Campbell

Mac Gould

Shawn Howe

And many more people.

About Author

Matt Christopher was born August 16, 1917 and died September 20, 1997. An American author of mostly children's books, was born in Bath, Pennsylvania and he was the oldest of nine children. He was a fast book making author, writing more than one hundred books, and the majority of them where kids books and they where mostly about sports.