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The role of a Geographer from Mesopotamia.

1.) Mesopotamia was located in between the two rivers called the Euphrates river and the Tigris river, it was given the name Mesopoamia because Mesopotamia means- land between two rivers.

2.) picture of the map

3.) what type of climate does Mesopotamia have? Mesopotamia has a semi arid climate meaning it has some rain and it is mostly dry

4.) the wonderful land of Mesopotamia is now what we call Iraq.

5.) Mesopotamia is approximately 6,361.32 mi away from Elm City Middle School NC Wilson.

The role of a historian from Mesopotamia

1.) One of the civilizations which made Mesopotamia was Akkadian- Akkadian ( 1900 B.C. ) was a spoken language but very similar to Arabic and Hebrew language. It was written using cuneiformThe second civilization was Hummurabi - Hummurabi ( 1800 B.C. ) was a well known king during his reign he was a king of Babylon ( 1792 - 1750 B.C. ) he had conquered most of Mesopotamia during his reign. The third civilization would be Hittites - Hittites were people who spoke Hittite and also controlled central turkey and some times even north Syria ( 1650 - 1200 B.C. ) 2.) one of the requirements for a civilization would be cities a culture must have CITIES that can hold and support more than 5000 people. Another requirement would be a written language. This would be used to communicate with other for trade, knowledge, and even jokes. 3.)Hammurabi's laws kept Mesopotamia organized and kept lower ranks at the bottom and higher rank at the top. It also keeps food divided evenly and gives people the right amount of money that they deserve for working. But without these LAWS they would be unorganized and people would steal and most likely not get in trouble...So pretty much it would be a mess.4.) one of his laws were if a man is borne false witness in trail he is sentenced to death. Another one of his laws was of a man has stolen goods he shall be sentenced to death. And another one was if a man has committed incest with his daughter he shall be banished form the city. The fourth law that I found was if a man has harmed a plebeian he shall pay half of the value. And last but not least if an owners son has died he ( the builder shall be sentenced to DEATH. Gilgamesh was practically a god so he pushed every one around and made them bow before him. Later someone by the name of Enkidu comes into his city, so gilgameshmis jealous because they also treat him as a god. So they met each other and started to fight. Soon they embrace for some un apparent reason. Then they challenge Hummaba to a fight and they beat him.

Some pictures to go with role 2 ( The Historian ).


Agriculturalists jobs

1.) Mesopotamian farmers were highly experienced farmers they knew how to plow the fields and they had a lot of fertile land considering that they were in between two rivers. They also had a great irrigation system. 2.) fields that were poisoned would make the crops die and eventually the Mesopotamians didn't have any food.3.) Mesopotamians ate the crops that they farmed and they ate fish because it was a good source of protein and it was easy to get.4.) civilizations like Mesopotamia would live near bodies of water for water for crops water to drink and water because fish live in water and its an easy and delicious meal. 5.) these at the steps of farming each year settle at a fertile place build a new home/civilization then make an irrigation system so the crops will grow faster and then you'd farm the crops and make wheat and vegetable soup and other vegetable like things. Then your all settled.


1.) The legendary hanging garden terraced ziggurats. 2.) the wheel was important for getting things done faster. The chariot was important for getting from one place to another FASTER than on foot. And recorded history was also important for being able to look back at what you did in the past and being able to see what others did in their past. And last important thing but definitely not least would be the ziggurat it was important because it was the home of the gods and only priests could enter a ziggurat a ziggurat is a pyramid shaped tower.3.) cuneiform was the first alphabet ever made by the Sumerians. 4.) again, a ziggurat was a pyramid shaped tower in the center of every city state these were the homes of the gods.