Laiaja Donson

The Rush

Others call it downhill skiing. A activity in which sliding down a snow covered hill with freezing cold winds brushing against your face with long thin skis attached to each foot giving you more speed with every stroke . Passing through check points every tenth of a second. I call it Alpine Skiing !

Way Back In The Day

Originating from Scandinavia wealthy British people(the first alpine skiers) would travel to alps in the winter . Filling their natural thrill they added obstacle flags determining who can go around the obstacle faster calling it Slalom. Another race was called downhill skiing that determines who goes the fastest. For more information
Top 5 moments in Olympic Alpine Skiing history- Canada

Women's Super Combined Downhill

Monday, Feb. 10th, 11am

Sochi's Circus, Russia, Sochi


Tv Listings

Dish Network 159

Comcast 010

Direct Tv 220


Downhill 2 - 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup, Sochi

Big Dreams

Growing up in Park City, Utah at the age of two she grew to love skiing. Starting competitive skiing at the age eight futherd her love in the sport. She later decided to take on winter sports in high school and with hard work she would be recruited on the USA Ski Team. Practicing in multiply races all over the world she would soon receive a gold metal in 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. For more dreams
Megan McJames Interview Highlights

Featured Story

US Olympian Megan Mcjames post a lot about her coach four year national skier, Cody Marshall. Needless to say they as a couple went to New Zealand to work on where she left off last season. There is no secret how he kept his coaching position for so long. As a power couple and a lot of off season training she has manage to go to the Sochi Olympics of 2014.

“The things that started the building process to get back to where my skiing is now were some mental hurdles and redefining why I wanted to ski race and why I loved it. If I was going to keep going, it was only because I really wanted to,” said McJames. Thanking her friends, family, and sponsors for their support.

McJames top American in GS at 2013 Winter Games - Universal Sports