Your Daily Break

A dash of Mindfulness-based SEL for each day of the week!

Welcome to the Week of April 13th!

Week Five!

We continue to hold you all in our hearts and will continue to bring you small doses of mindfulness and SEL for each day of the week to keep us present during these challenging times.

Thank you for staying strong, grounded, and present!

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney


Are you ready for deep spring cleaning? Organizing your photos is fun for the whole family to take a walk down memory lane. From digital to prints, here's how the pros recommend tackling your mountains of memories.


Did you know a 16x10 foot garden can feed a family of four for the summer with a little extra for canning/freezing? The Almanac will help you get that beginner's garden started on the right foot along with what to plant where.


Stuck inside today? Here's a keen beginner's guide to origami, no really, the instructions are super easy with loads of options. Make it a mindful moment through the simplicity of folding paper. The classic crane is thought to bring good luck!


In this episode of Rick Hanson's podcast they explore how individuals and families can deal with the interpersonal stress that comes from being stuck together, and the sadness and loss that comes from being separated from things we love.


Check out these really funny pics from people who are bored during quarantine. Too funny not to check it out!

Weekend Vibes

Two NYS high school choirs join up for a virtual version of “Hallelujah”. Beautiful!

Mindfulness Meditation for Children