Shine Team Newsletter


Our Team

Wow, so much has happened since the last newsletter I sent out! We have added a few new team members! A big welcome to Camillia Rich and Kay Ferrell, who both joined in October! So happy to have you gals on the team!
I am so excited for this new year, and I have a goal to make sure this newsletter gets to you gals by the 15th of every month! Feel free to send me a gentle reminder if I forget. :)

Team Stats:

October /November/December

Number of States our team covers: 3

Number of parties: 38

Team Sales: $21,948

My personal Sales: $7379

As a consultant I would have made: $1844

Because I chose leadership I made: $2502

Who's at the Top? Woohoo!!

$1000 or more in sales:
October -
Nicole Liby - $1588
Jennifer Begnoche - $1282

November -
Nicole Liby - $2402
Michelle Mintzmyer - $1799

December -
Nicole Liby - $1323.68

Held 2 or more parties:
October -
Nicole Liby - 2
Jennifer Begnoche - 2

November -
Nicole Liby - 3

Michelle Mintzmyer - 2

Rhonda Zenger - 2


Nicole Liby - 2

Important Dates

  • January 1-31 Double Hostess Credit
  • January 1- April 30 Earn National Conference Bucks
  • January 13-21 Late Registration to attend February Celebrate and Connect Meeting($5 fee)
  • January 15 - March 15 Opportunity Incentive
  • February 1-8 Attend the February Celebrate and Connect meeting you registered for

31 Tips for the New year!

1. Be a walking billboard.

2. Have a system for keeping receipts for taxes.

3. Track mileage every time you go to a party, post office, bank etc.

4. Follow-Up! Pink Bag Calls/Customer Care Calls are important.

5. Keep your list of 62 updated! When one name is crossed off fill with new!

6. Keep your list with you so if you have down time you can pick up the phone to call.

7. Attend all Celebrates & Connect meetings.

8. Keep your calendar booked 6 weeks in advance.

9. Also book 1-2 extra each month incase of a cancelled party.

10. Work towards all incentives!

11. If you have several retail orders, put together as a party!

12. Enter “ship” in hostess credit will send the party to you, except those that chose direct ship.

13. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else – we all work at different paces.

14. Attend National Conference – It is life and business changing.

15. Make your website address more personal by changing it from consultant ID to perhaps your name. This can be done in your back office, profile, my website information and then personalize.

16. Any parties entered under you as the hostess you are taxed on those hostess benefits as a consultant.

17. Share your “WHY” at every party.

18. Pay for the website – you need this for outlet sales, Thirty-One sends the monthly special out for you and customers can order directly from it!

19. On hostess half-price items personalization is also half-price. *excluding collegiate.

20. Hostess exclusives – personalization is free. *excluding collegiate.

21. Always double-check your orders before submitting.

22. Host an open house yourself with each catalog change.

23. Always have mini catalogs and business cards with you as a minimum.

24. ASK EVERYONE if they are interested in hosting/joining.

25. Subscribe for the auto-ship monthly fliers. In back office, order and then subscription. You don’t have to remember to order them yourself.

26. Purchase items for your kit as a retail/party order.

27. Use “auto-fill” when putting in orders for frequent customers.

28. Set aside time to listen to a 31 minute call weekly.

29. Set goals and aim for them.

30. Pick up the phone.

31. Check TOT daily!!!! So many answers are listed out there.

Changes for the New Year!

I am making some important changes in this new year to help provide some boundaries, and work my business the most effective way possible! I am establishing business hours, and I am going to stick to them! :) Please contact me during these hours. If you need something outside these hours, try posting on our team FB page, calling Home Office, or send me an email or text, and I will reply once my hours start back up again. I will evaluate the messages and if it is a true emergency then I will respond sooner. They are as follows:
Monday 9-11am; 5-9pm
Tuesday-Thursday 12:30 - 3pm
Friday 9-11am; 5-9pm
If you would like to set up a time to talk, you can go to and set one up.

I am also going to switch up our team incentive! I want to change it to something that is going to really impact your business! You will be receiving Woo to the Hoo cards to celebrate the many awesome things you do! Collect 6 and send them back to me and you will get a $25 gift certificate to use in your virtual office! (Credits can also be used for a $25 gift card to use at National Conference.) For more details check the attachment in your email.