Isbell Bluebonnet Book Program


How it works!

This year students will be challenged to read 5 or more of the 2013-2014 Bluebonnet books. Once they read a book, they are required to fill out the bluebonnet form on the library website. When they have read 5 books, they get to be a part of the Bluebonnet Club. At the end of January, we will have a Bluebonnet party and they get to vote on which book should win the Bluebonnet Award!

What's in it for you?

The teacher who has the most students in the Bluebonnet Club will win a Sonic drink of their choice!

Sign up now!!!

Please sign up your class to come to the library to learn more about the Bluebonnet Book Program. You can sign up in eduphoria for a 30 minute lesson. Please make sure and say that this is for the Bluebonnet Lesson. Thanks in advance!

Here are some great ways that you could incorporate Bluebonnet’s into you classroom!

· Class read aloud (then fill out the form as a class online)

· Create a classroom incentive for students that read bluebonnet books!

Bluebonnet book check outs start September 25th!

Visit the Isbell Library Bluebonnet Page!

Also click here to view the entire list!

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