Personality is What Counts

Heta Mistry


Don't Judge a book by its cover!

- This is still a problem in our society

- The main theme of the book is to never judge a person by their appearance because they may not be who you think they are

- This theme is displayed in both my novel and also in the movie Shrek

About My Novel

- Based on modern time day and can be easily relatable

- The novel takes place in Mayan Riviera in Cancun, Mexico in the month of February

- The Protagonist is Jace Antonakos because the whole story is told from his point of view.

- The Antagonist would be Kate Townsend because she was just using him

- The supporting Characters in the novel would be Stefan, Cynthia and Connor MacPherson.


- Many people would judge Shrek for the way he looked

- Everyone judged him just because he looked like a monster

- In the book Jace got judged by his appearance as well, there were people who thought he was gay

- Jace also thought of Connor as a tough guy just because he is a football player who actually turned out to be a very sweet friend.

- In the movie People try to stay away from Shrek

- In the book Kate tries to get closer to Jace

shrek moon scene

About the Author

- Don Calame is an author and a screenwriter

- He is the middle child, has an older brother and a younger sister

- In Beat the Band his story theme was very similar to the theme of The Space Between

- In this novel Mart, Sean, and Coop decide to start a band hoping to get a girl

- The problem was that they were horrible but getting Helen in the band would change that

- If the band hadn’t given her a chance because of the way she looked they would have never known what she is capable of


This book was honestly amazing. Not only was it fun to read but you also get to learn many things from the themes of this book. The different characters provide different perspectives. I would really recommend this book because I can say that many can relate to this book which makes the book even more interesting.

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No One Should Ever Be Judged By How They Look

Don't Let Their Apperance Fool You!