Important Field Trip Information

Photos Tomorrow

Hello! If your student is getting their photo taken tomorrow they MAY wear free dress. However, only students that are actually getting specific photos taken may wear free dress. Also, if your student is having their photo taken tomorrow, please make sure to either hand or have your child hand the photo packet to us right away so that we can know who will be getting a photo and who will not be so that we can split them up appropriately.

Field Trip Update

I have been in contact with the zoo and confirmed that anyone who is coming on the field trip as a Chaperone which I have as of today as:Betsy Struna, Jennifer Pickles, Erin Kirkendall, Amanda Schweickert, Colleen Thomson, Ericka Garribay, Shannon and Brian Hopkins and has a current Point Defiance Zoo membership may get in them and their child. They may not sign in other guests, but their admission and their child's admission will be paid for.

All other students and chaperones will need to bring in 8$ and all students will need to bring back their field trip forms that will go out tomorrow. The 8$ can be paid in cash or you can come and talk to me for alternate forms of payment.

We are so excited at how this is coming together and can't wait for this enriching experience for all of our students!