How They Form

A star that expodes is called a supernova. Some stars collapse into themselves and become black holes.


There are two kinds of black holes. One is called a stellar mass. The stellar mass black hole is 3-15 times bigger than the sun. The other type is called a super massive. The super massive black hole is the same as 100 million suns squashed together. Black holes can go from a few miles across to several million miles across.

Parts of a Black Hole

There are 3 parts of the black hole. The outer part is called the Outer Event Horizon. The middle part is called the Inner Event Horizon. The center is called the Singularity. The gravity of a black hole is in the Singularity.

Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can escape from the outer layer of a black hole because the gravity is not that strong.
  • Scientists are sure they exist but they have never seen them.
  • In the 18th century, John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace came up with the idea of black holes.
  • They don't live forever, but slowly evaporate and return their energy to the universe.
  • The closest one to Earth is 1600 light years away.
  • The sun is too small to become a black hole.
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