The definitive 70's music album

The 70s were a time of smily face buttons

A summary of the 70s

The music and culture of 70s america was greatly shaped by the anti-Vietnam war movement in the first half of the decade followed by people just generally being happy once the war ended by the end of the war brought many financial problems.

The culture of the 70s america

One of the single most important event in the 70s was the end of the Vietnam war in the middle of the decade. This had a huge impact on america in so many ways. Because with the end of the war, ended the large anti-vietnam trend in music that was happening in the 60s and early 70s. This also caused music to change in many ways like causing soft rock to get softer and hard rock to get harder. So in general after the end of the Vietnam war, music became more varied because of america's focus on anti vietnam music. But most importantly, the outburst happiness from the end of the war caused disco to get extremely popular.

Notable people from this decade are James brown because he basically founded funk music , The eagles, John Denver, Village people to name some people famous in the music world. But there was also Richard Nixon who was very controversial for the watergate scandal and resigned because of it. Some of these people impact on music are very clear because someone of them worked directly in the industry like James brown but some are harder to find and understand like Richard Nixon. But Richard Nixon did affect the culture by what he said about the vietnam war and he affected culture by making people think about people in high offices committing scandals because of his watergate scandal.


Do you remember when the music was better?

  1. Stayin Alive- Bee Gees (1977)

  2. American Pie-don mclean (1971)

  3. Let’s get it On- marvin gaye(1970)

  4. I will Survive- gloria gaynor(1974)

  5. Hotel California- Eagles (1973)

  6. Let’s Stay Together- al green(1972)

  7. Bohemian Rhapsody-queen (1975)

  8. Imagine- john lennon(1971)

  9. Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin (1971)

  10. Brown Sugar- the rolling stones(1971)

  11. What’s Goin’ On- marvin gaye(1970)

  12. Bridge Over Troubled Water-simon and garfunkel (1970)

  13. I’ll Be There- the jackson 5(1970)

  14. Superstition- stevie wonder(1972)

  15. Play That Funky Music Wild- wild cherry(1976)

  16. Free Bird- Leonard Skinner (1973)

  17. It’s Too Late- carole king(1971)

  18. Heart of Gold- neil young (1972)

  19. Another Brick in the Wall- Beatles (1979)

  20. Joy to the World- percy faith(1970)

  21. Layla- eric clapton(1970)

  22. One Bad Apple- osmonds(1970)

  23. How Deep Is Your Love- bee gees(1977)

  24. Everything Is Beautiful- ray stevens(1970)

  25. My Sharona- the knack(1979)

  26. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2- beatles(1979)

  27. I Wanna Be Sedated- the ramones(1978)

  28. That’s the Way I Like It- k.c and the sunshine band(1979)

  29. Summer Breeze- seals and croft(1970

  30. Maybe I’m Amazed-mccartney (1970)

  31. Dream On- Aerosmith (1973)

  32. Bennie & The Jets- elton jhon(1973)

  33. Won’t Get Fooled Again- the who(1971)

  34. Heart of Gold-neil young (1972)

  35. Heart of Glass-blondie (1978)

  36. I Can See Clearly Now-johnny nash (1972)

  37. Rapper’s Delight-the sugarhill gang (1979)

  38. Eruption-eddy van halen (1978)

  39. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty- (1976)

  40. Ramblin’ Man- (1973)

  41. Y.M.C.A- (1977)

  42. Old Time Rock & Roll- (1978)

  43. Hello It’s Me- (1971)

  44. Silly Love Songs- (1976)

  45. Highway to Hell- (1979)

  46. Layla- (1970)

  47. Just What I Need- (1978)

  48. You Really Got Me- (1978)

  49. O o h Child- (1970)

  50. Heart of Gold- (1972)


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