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Bruce Ogden of Colorado, Entrepreneur Dreams

Hoop dreams, Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident

We all have dreams, and some have plans for the future. It remains to be seen, but for Bruce Ogden of Colorado he is always thinking about something big. One of his biggest thoughts is that he would like to own and operate a professional team in the National Basketball Association. He would like to build a winning program if that were ever to be the case.

Hunting, Fishing, Bruce Ogden of Colorado

When you grow up in a place like North Dakota, hunting and fishing are a way of life. That is exactly the type of environment that Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident grew up in. To this very day, he loves being outdoors, and he enjoys doing it with his family.

Each year when the opening day of deer season comes around he gets just as excited as the first time Bruce Ogden went back when he was 11 years old. There are a number of events like this throughout the year and big fishing and hunting trips that his entire clan gets ready for. They like to pack the truck and go for a roll in Colorado is surely one of the best places in the country to partake in these activities.

The state is known for its big game and big fish, as well as hunters from around the country, come during peak seasons. All along the Rockies there are countless rivers, lakes and streams that produce some of the best fishing spots that you can imagine. There is just something about being outdoors in nature and taking part in such a time honored activity that truly inspires people around the year.

Some of his favorite places to shop are Cabela’s and Bass Pro shop. These mega outdoors oriented shopping destinations have all of the gear that you could want including camping, fishing, hunting, arms, all-terrain vehicles, clothing, boots and more. Like many families, he can be seen picking up some supplies and checking out some of the latest gear at one or both of the stores on any given day.

Travel with Bruce Ogden of Colorado

Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident, loves to travel. He is a busy director of business development for EAPC Industrial Services and makes use of his recreational time in the pursuit of travel as much as he can. He is a family man that loves to take his clan on vacations across these great United States. From the fruited plain to the highest mountains, there is so much to see when you hit the road and take in all that the country has to offer. There are many attractions to see in all the points in between and most certainly the destinations that they choose to go to have some activity in mind. One of his favorite aspects of traveling this way is to witness the grandeur and vast size of the country as it passes by the car window. He hopes that his wife and children enjoy that as well and knows that at the very least these are memories that they should never forget. Now, he is not a fan of having to travel by airplane. It is not that he fears flying or anything rather it has to do with the in the personal nature of flying and the intrusive measures that come with flying out of airports nowadays. He does take the family on vacations from time to time, those that involve hopping on a flight, but he is sure to try and include as much time with the family as possible once they get to their destination. With so much to see, he hopes to continue traveling in the future alongside his family on new adventures in new places.

Bruce Ogden of Colorado and Conservatism

Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident is a political conservative. He has no problem saying that, and he has no problems stating that the Republican Party in the United States of America has drifted from its conservative roots. One only has to look at the ballooning debt that can be traced to the actions and inactions of so-called conservative politicians to see that something has been lost along the way. Quite often politics has been constructed in order to provide political theater that plays out in the news and is only designed to gain and maintain power. Ogden feels that influences such as those created by lobbying groups and mega corporations have polluted the world of government. Unfortunately, the games of politics have created two different shades of gray where politicians on the liberal side try to appear more conservative at election time, and Republican candidates try to appear more middle of the road. Even candidates that have been voted into office on the notion that they are true conservatives seem to have forgotten to follow through on their messages of conservatism. This is not unintentional, rather it is by design. Conservatism should encompass all that was given to us by our forefathers in the documents and story of how this country was founded. The true document of the land is the Constitution of the United States and the power structure in this country has neglected it for far too long. They constantly assign themselves powers that are beyond those which were defined in these founding documents. They, therefore, have violated the spirit of conservatism and the Constitution itself.

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