Deciduous/ Temperate Forest

By: Nicole Vickers, Carli Davis, Tiffany Muzic, Dakota bushe


86 degrees in the summer and -22 degrees in the winter. The average temperature in around 50 degrees. The get 20 to 60 inches of precipitation a year.


Deciduous forests are in Eastern Asia, Central and Western Europe, and Eastern United States.


Maple trees, like trees, dog wood shrubs, wild ginger, blood route plants


Coyotes, duck bill platypus, least weasel, white tail deer, American bald eagle

Interesting facts

It is divided into 5 different zones, zones are dependent on the hight of the tree.

Most animal in the forest camouflage with the ground.

The animals are extremely adaptive so they change with every season.

The growing season last about six months.

Some insects can't survive winter so hey lay eggs before they die, and the eggs can survive the winter.