Autobiographical Writing Day 4

Creating your Voicethread!

Please remember, if you aren't finished with your narrative, that MUST be done before you can make a Voicethread recording!

Mrs. Johnson's Voicethread!

View Mrs. Johnson's Voicethread as a class. The Voicethread will be located under the subtab "Mrs. Johnson's Voicethread" under Day 8 on the Livebinder. If the volume is too low for you to hear, please watch this at your own computer individual with earphones in.

Locate and upload your pictures

Continue to find pictures for your Voicethread and upload them into the Voicethread. You MUST have the pictures before you can start recording on the Voicethread!

Record your Voicethread!

Remember, you can use multiple techniques to make comments including a computer or cell phone. You should be spread out around the library to complete this task.
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