Cobalt, the essential metal

By Connor McGinnis Pd.5 12/21/15

Background information...

  • Minerals containing cobalt were of high value in the ancient Egyptian times, it was discovered by a man named Mr. Georg Brandt in 1735 in Sweden.
  • On the periodic table, cobalt is number 27, it is in group 9, it is in period 4, and it's symbol is Co!
  • Cobalt is one of the only metals essential to living things! It is also the only metal in vitamins!
  • Cobalt is not effected by water, or air in ordinary temperatures.
  • Cobalt is lustrous, metallic, and has a greyish-tinge.
  • Its atomic mas is 58.93

Cobalt around us....

Interesting facts about Cobalt

  • Many ores of no economic importance contain Cobalt.
  • Cobalt makes up 0.001% of the earth's crust!
  • Grazing animals who live in areas with soil with barely any cobalt don't survive well