Welcome to Origami Owl!!

Best Wishes on Your New Venture!!!



I just wanted to officially Welcome you to Origami Owl! I am so happy you joined in with your mentor! This is a great little business that has a lot of potential for you. Maybe you have been with other direct selling companies before and maybe you haven’t, but this one is so simple! Wear and share your lockets where ever you go! I have NEVER seen growth in a direct selling company before like this one.

I’m passing on some helpful information/resources to utilize as you wish.

Our team FB group, Soar to Your Dreams with O2, is for all our downline designers to use for questions, venting, inspiration, asking for a charm you may need asap, & to celebrate our accomplishments. Please feel free to request to join it if you are not yet in it. Someone is always available to answer questions.

Feel free to utilize the pics from my FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/O2DesignerKimMichels

Team Lovely Lockets is our upline, upline, upline page. Emily Allison is the Administrator and they have great questions, pics, and discuss issues there. The first Monday/month call comes from Emily or some other ETL on her team. The other Monday calls are done by the Nest. The info is usually posted in the back office sometime Monday with the link. Calls are Mondays at 9pm.

“S2loop”, is a website designed by, Heidi Russell, she is direct to corporate. Her entire downline is welcome to join the group. It is by email invite only, so just ask and we can get you in. There are lots of other documents there to utilize and a chat room to chat with designers across the country.

Explore your back office! Don’t be afraid to click on all the tabs..

You can create a test party in the party tab and play around with it to familiarize yourself with it.

Please check with your mentor if you have any questions. I can also be reached for questions by phone, text, email or FB if they are unavailable. We are here to help you succeed and take this biz as far as you want to go.

I have attached a word doc (at the bottom of this email) you can download to read or save it, with some more info on frequently asked questions.

Congratulations again on your new venture! Hoot! Hoot!!