Which potting soil helps the best?

By:Brianna Campbell

My Purpose statement

My purpose in doing this experiment was to see which potting soil will help natural soil with growing plants.I became interested in this experiment because, my father and my grandfather are both farmers, and I wanted to help them out. The information gained from this experiment will help farmers figure out which soil will help out the natural soil. Which can lead to higher yields. And with higher yields comes less hunger in the world.


For our projects, we all had to research a few parts about our project. Like whether it has been done before, supplies in our projects, and any other things we could think of. For my research, I started by looking up some of the soils I will be using. My first soil to research was the Miracle Grow soil. Miracle Grow has their own site. They claim that their soil grows plants twice as big. And, that their soil feeds plants fro up to six months. Also, they say that their soil will work for both indoor and outdoor plants. When looking at my other soil, Black Gold, they claim that they are a great soil brand if you add fertilizer and castings. Now, what are castings? A casting is a convoluted mass of soil, mud, or sand thrown up by an Earthworm on the surface after passing through the Earthworm's body. The website also said that it grows plants better than regular soil. And, that is it for my research!

Planting Plants, fun or no fun ?

Guaranteed to be fun and rewarding!!!!!


Now that we are finished with the research, we must get on to my hypothesis. My hypothesis is that Black Gold will work the best. I base this Hypothesis off of when my brother planted peas with this soil and they grew very well.


  • Potting Pots (x3)
  • Different types of soil (x4) ( Natural Soil, Black Gold, Splendor Grow, and Miracle Grow.
  • 1 packet of corn seeds
  • 3 ice cream buckets
  • 3 spoons ( silverware)
  • 1/2 measuring cup

IV, DV, and CV's

IV: Soil

DV: The height that the plant grows

CV: Hours of sunlight

CV:Amount of water

CV: Plant seed

CV: Amount of Potting Soil

CV: Amount of Natural Soil


1) Buy all of your materials

2) Dig up 6 cups of natural soil from the ground

3) Mix in 3 cups of each brand of potting soil into 3 buckets like 3 cups of Miracle Grow goes into one bucket.

4) Label the buckets and the pots ( Miracle Grow and Natural Soil)

5) Put the natural soil into the potting pots ( 2 cups of natural soil per pot)

6) Transport the potting soil into each pot (Miracle Grow goes into one, while Black Gold goes into another)

7)Mix them together with 3 spoons, one per pot

8)Take your finger and dig a 2 or 3 cm hole and put the seed in , and cover it gently with dirt

9) Set your plants out in the sun for 8 hours a day. Put out early in the morning and take out late afternoon.

10) Give each plant 1/8 a cup of water.

11) Record the three plants' heights for eight days.

*Repeat steps 9,10, and 11 every day for eight days.

Observation/ Log Data

Day 1 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 2 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 3 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 4 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 5 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 6 Miracle Grow: 0 cm Black Gold: 0 cm Splendor Grow: 0 cm

Day 7 Miracle Grow : 1 cm Black Gold : 2 cm Splendor Grow: 2 cm

Day 8 Miracle Grow : 3 cm Black Gold : 4 cm Splendor Grow: 5 cm


The original purpose of this experiment was too find out what soil will help the natural soil with growing plants. The results of this experiment show that Splendor Grow and natural soil worked the best.
Big image


My hypothesis was that Black Gold will grow the corn the best. The results indicate that my hypothesis should be considered wrong. Based on the results of my experiment, you would want to use Splendor Grow and natural soil for all of your planting needs. If I were to do this experiment again, I would definitely plant my seeds at an earlier date.


I would like to thank my mom for buying me the supplies needed in this project. And, I would also like to thank my dad for helping me plant the seeds.