Mrs. Roberts' First Grade News

October 13th - October 16th


I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! I know it was a much needed break for my own kiddos and myself!

This week's homework will continue with Tornado Math (due every Friday), guided readers, sight words and math fact practice. I am trying to test sight words and math facts on Friday, but I've been running out of time with all the curriculum that we need to cover for the week. Please store your child's sight word bags and math facts in their backpack so when I get an extra few minutes here and there, I can pull your students to test them. If anyone is available to help with fact checks on Friday, please let me know!

Hightower Fire Station Thursday October 15th. We will leave the campus at 8:30 a.m. Our tour will begin at 9:00 a.m.If you have not sent in the permission form for your child to attend our field trip, please do so ASAP. I still have several not turned it.


  • short o blends
  • th, sh, ch, ck

  • Main Idea- Continued
  • Thinking about our reading- comprehension
  • Identifying Nouns and Verbs

  • Writing in Complete Sentences
  • Writing a Story- beginning, middle, end
  • Using Proper Punctuation

Sight Words



Literature: Betsy Who Cried Wold by Gail Levine
guarded: to be protected
scanned: to have looked at something very quickly
mischievous: a playful behavior that may cause harm to others


Spelling pattern

Short o word families with blends

shot, stop, shop, frog, crop, sock, rock, lock, drop, trot
*said *they


Focus: (continued)
  • Greater than Less than
  • Place Value
  • Number Line


Magnets- Continued

Key Concepts

  • Magnets have two poles: a north pole and a south pole.

  • Magnets attract, or pull, magnetic materials, such as iron and also attract the opposite pole of another magnet.

  • Magnets repel, or push, the same pole of another magnet.

  • We can predict whether magnets push, pull, or have no effect on objects based on the physical properties of those objects.

Fundamental Questions

  • What happens when you put two magnets together?

  • What is the rule for when two magnets are put together?

  • What physical properties of objects allow them to be attracted to a magnet?

Social Studies

Maps and Christopher Columbus
  • Why are maps useful tools?
  • How can you use maps in your daily life?

Upcoming Dates


14 Picture Day- Please be sure to bring your picture money envelope on Picture Day!

15 Hightower Fire House Field Trip

16 Longhorn Stampede

  • First Grade runs from 8:45am-9:15am
  • Stampede Collection Sheet is linked under the "Shared" below in case you need another collection sheet.

19 & 20 PLAY IT SAFE

23 Hat Day- pay $1.00 to wear a hat and support our fifth grade camp

23 Box Tops Due- The top two classes in the school will win a Park Party!

25 Trunk or Treat:

  • Pre Pay tickets are 5 for $1.00
  • Tickets at Event 4 for $1.00
  • Pleae RSVP for your parking spot by the 21st.
  • $5.00 reserves your spot and one bag of candy.

29 All Stampede money is due




PE Shoes! Please send your child to school in tennis shoes for PE. They will be unable to participate without the proper shoes. Our PE days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library Books: Please make sure your child brings their library book to exchange for a new book every Wednesday. If they do not return their book they will not be able to check out a new book.

Reader Bags: PLEASE make sure your child's reading bag is sent to school EVERY day. I meet with each group daily and will not be able to send a new book home if the last book is not returned. Also, please know that each book is part of a set so please help your child keep up with their guided reading books. Thank you!!!

Snacks: We have snack everyday. Please send your child to school with a snack. I have a few backup snacks for those that don't bring snack, but my supplies are limited. Thank you!

Headphones/ Ear Buds: Please send to school with your child's name or initials on them.

Volunteers: Volunteer applications must be renewed every year. Please visit to complete this process.

Connect to NRE through Remind101. Text 5874e2 to the number 81010

Support the PTA and become a member! If you need PTA membership forms, please let me know.

Classroom Communication

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