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connectivity issues that occurred earlier this week!

To Update or Not to Update…..Java

With the recent update to Blackboard, the question remains do we update java now or not? It is recommended that we hold off one more week before updating; however, if you have already updated it is no big deal. There is no need to re-install an older version.

Important Dates:

No School

February 17th - Presidents' Day

March 14th-Teacher Inservice Day

April 14-21st-Spring Break

Mid Term Reminder:

Term 4 ~ February 18, 2014

Term 4a ~March 3, 2014

Term 5 ~ March 10, 2014

Term 5lsa ~ March 17, 2014

Make sure that you are within the 40%-50% progress mark in all courses. If you are struggling, please contact me! Remember, I'm here to help :)

Teacher Tip:

Have you noticed a bit of lagging when logging into the OLS or Blackboard? Try clearing your internet history and see if that helps. Below are directions on how to do that. Even if your OLS is not lagging, this is a great idea for keeping your computer in tip-top shape.

Mid-Term Reminder

I want to be sure you are aware of the upcoming Semester/Report Card dates and the progress and attendance goals for your student.

Progress Reports will be generated on the following dates:

Term 6lsa ~April 10, 2014

Term 6lsb ~April 25, 2014

Term 6lsc ~May 6, 2014

Term 6lsd ~May 13, 2014

*Students are expected to reach 50% in each of their courses by this time.

*Full-time students should reach the following attendance goals:

K-2 ~ 360 hours

3-5 ~ 450 hours

Coach to Coach Tips from the January Session:

Below is a great tip from Stephanie C-Learning Coach for a K and 1st Grade student:

Reading to kids during breakfast (and at bedtime) helps manage the variety of tasks the students need to accomplish during the day. This also can help keep younger children's attention as well.

Downloading the K12 literature apps allows the LC provide story time to the students while accomplishing other tasks. An added bonus is that the kids like someone else reading to them.

For more great tips, suggestions, and schedule examples, check out the session recording! The link is below:

Be sure to check out the February session as well!

Journal Topic:

In honor of Presidents' Day Monday, write about the following topic:

If I were President, I would….

Riddle of the Week:

Q. Why was the math book unhappy?

Answer to Last Week’s Riddle:

Q. Which month has 28 days?

A. All of them, of course!

Send your guesses to me or wait until next week for the answer :)

The 9′s Trick for Multiplication

Check out this neat trick that was shared online by Shelley Gray.

Posted by Shelley Gray on May 30, 2013

One of my favorite tricks for multiplication is the 9′s trick. Kids love this too, since it is just so darn neat! I am aware that there are several other popular tricks out there for the 9 times table, but I prefer this one for a couple of reasons. First, it is FAST once you get the hang of it. As a side note, this trick is only effective for the basic facts (9×10 and less).Here goes!

Step One: Look at the equation. Point to the number that is NOT the 9. For example, in the equation 9×4=___, point to the 4.

Step Two: Subtract 1 from the number that you are pointing to. In this example, you would think “4-1=3.” The difference (in this case, 3) will be the first number of your product. So now our equation looks like this: 9×4=3__.

Step 3: When you add the numbers in the product together, they will make 9. So now we need to think, “What can I add to 3 to make 9?” In this case the answer is 6. Add this 6 as the second digit in your product: 9×4=36.

And there you have it!

As you can see, this works with any basic multiplication fact involving a 9. Notice that in every case, the sum of the numbers in the product add up to 9!












Progress Goals

Please use this guide to keep progress on track. These are suggested %’s to reach 100% by the end of the year.

Martin S.

Congratulations Martin on writing your best essay so far! Your book review on "Treasure Island" demonstrated all of the key elements in writing. Keep up the great work!

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