News from Second Grade

Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion 2nd grade with Sra. O-R

Learning plans for the week of March 16, 2015

Dearest families,


Please have fun with Flat Stanley on our break. Please send photos to me in email, or post them here on google. The kids would also LOVE to get postcards from all over the country and world. Please address them to:

Sra. O-R's 2nd grade Class

Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion

7830 80th St. S.

Cottage Grove, MN 55016

When the kids return, we will read Ruth Law Asombra el País by Don Brown. The story is about a biography about Ruth Law, an early female aviator (before Amelia Earhart!) here in the United States.


We will begin 2-digit subtraction. Here is an online simple soccer game for subtraction practice, for fun! Here's a parent-centered article about how to help your child with this concept. It includes some of the "new teaching" that we use, which is a little different, and more hands-on than when we learned how to add and subtract.


Many children have finished their penguin projects. We will begin writing persuasive letters about changes we'd like to see in the world. I would LOVE for us to send letters to political leaders, companies, and famous people. I'll be scouring google for addresses!

Homework for the week

HOMEWORK- 20 minutes each night (sometimes life happens!)

Reading in English or Spanish

Practicing Spelling words

Spanish Spelling words

heroína - heroine

tortuguita - little turtle

gitano - gypsy

proeza - great achievement

gasolina - gasoline

gente - people

negado - refused or denied

hospitalidad - hospitality

gato - cat

reloj - clock

aterrizaje - landing

gemelo - twin

espectadores - spectator

falda - skirt

gusto - pleasure, flavor

conejito - bunny

dirigió - run or manage, Went to

gira - spin

hoyos - holes

largo - long

grande - big

Library Days this week!

The kids will have library time with Mr. Glazer on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Contact Sra. Olson-Reiners

If you have information that is ESSENTIAL for me to receive during the day, PLEASE call the front office at 651-768-3801. There are occasions when I do not check my email until after the children have left for the day.