Harish T.

What is Typhus

Typhus is a sequence of an acute with many side affects. Examples of those side affects are headaches, chills, fevers, rashes, and even toxemia (toxic in the blood). It also is caused by a species of rickettsias bacteria. The bacteria can be transmitted to the human body by lice, fleas, ticks, and many other insects. Most of the insects can carry a typhus viruses through there body. So watch out for insects that carry typhus.
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How typhus affects the body

Bacteria in living things can be affected by certain viruses that can succumb to this disease. Typhus can affect the body by traveling through the body and turn floating particles to be more typhus infections. A sign of symptoms that assist the diagnoses is chest pain. Also a not normal heart rate can also be a sign that can lead to typhus. If you ever get any of those side affects tell your parent/guardian that you have typhus.

How typhus spreads from person to person

The bugs give people this infectious disease that they get from rodents, rats, cows, and other animals that carry dirty bugs (especially rhinos that carry ticks feeding on the rhinos blood that are very dirty, so advice never touch rhinos) carrying typhus. The main important type of typhus is called epidemic typhus (by lice). Murine, endemic, typhus, scrub typhus, and tsutsugamushi disease (mite borne) are the other forms of typhus. People that have typhus stay away from them and if you do touch them WASH YOUR HANDS to keep the typhus from infecting your body and off of you.


Even though bacteria can be transmitted through the human body. You still need to be careful about fleas, ticks, and other insects that carry typhus. Those side affects may still occur as long as you stay healthy and clean (and wash your hands) you won't get typhus. If you see people with rashes all around that did not have it before, it means they have typhus or another disease. (So do not ever go near them.) If you ever get typhus make sure you call your doctor right away, but if your in school go to your school nurse. Wash your hands and be TYPHUS FREE.