Digital Learning Day

January 15th

Shapes and YOU!

Hello, 3rd graders! For your Digital Learning Day homework you can choose ONE of the assignments below. If you really, really, really want to do both you can. :D

I heard that you folks are learning about geometry in your classrooms, so I thought it would be fun to do some art that's all about SHAPES.

Choice #1 - Tessellations

A tessellation is a kind of art that uses repeating shapes that fit together perfectly. MC Escher was an artist who made a lot of tessellation drawings. All of the drawings below are tessellation drawings done by MC Escher!

In this assignment you will learn how to create your own tessellation. For this assignment you will need:

--A pencil

--An eraser

--A pair of scissors

--A square* piece of thick paper or cardboard. The cardboard from a box of cereal would work great!

--Some tape

*the thick piece of paper/cardboard has to be an exact square. Get out the ol' tape measure!

January 13, 2016

Examples of Tessellations

Choice #2 - Geometric & Organic Shapes

There are two groups of shapes: geometric shapes and organic shapes.

Geometric shapes are shapes that have names. You know lots of these!

Organic shapes are shapes that don't have names. Sometimes we call these "freeform" shapes or "blobs".

When we create art we use both kinds of shapes and sometimes different shapes give their artwork a different feel.

Let's test this! Download the app Colorfy. You will create two works of art.

One work of art will only use geometric shapes.

One work of art will only use organic shapes.

Come prepared to share them your art with your class. Check out the examples below!

Artist's Hint: If you want your artwork to REALLY stand out, try using just 3 or 4 or 5 colors. When an artist chooses a couple of colors and then sticks to them it's called a color scheme. Try it out!

Examples of Colorfy