April's High School Happenings


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Spring Egg Hunt sponsored by Rachel's Challenge Club

After spring break the Rachel's Challenge Club sponsored a spring egg hunt. Plastic eggs that contained various quotes about kindness were sprinkled about the building. Students who found eggs and read the quote inside received a treat in return.

March Mammal Madness Winner

Throughout the month of March, Mrs. Peterson's AP Biology class participated in the nationwide competition March Mammal Madness. The contest is put on by Arizona State University and allows the students to make predictions about animal battles. Students research adaptations and behavior about the animals and fill in a 65 competitor bracket. The college does a simulation of each battle and points for correct guesses are tabulated. This year's Gananda winner with the most points is Andrew Gleason. Congrats Andrew!

New Vision Medical Visits

Gananda Juniors visited the Wayne Technical and Career Center's New Vision Medical Program this month. The New Vision Medical Careers program is an intensive clinical shadowing experience in 20 plus hospital acute care and geriatric units; working with Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Unit Technicians, Dieticians, Respiratory, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Clinical Laboratory Scientists – Medical Technologists, Midwives, Radiologists and Medical Imaging Professionals. The goal of this one-year, academically intensive program is to learn university human anatomy and physiology, develop critical thinking skills by creating case studies, perform laboratories and learn the scientific method applied to clinical practice in multiple disciplines. The college preparatory program prepares students in rigorous time management, technology and computer applications skills while exploring the depths of clinical careers by observation and hands-on experiences.


Internships offer a great way to teach and share information with a person ready to start their career. They provide employment training and experiential learning opportunities that often enhance a person’s professional qualities like strengthening ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and professionalism.


  • Are an excellent way to gain real-world professional experience through meaningful opportunities.
  • Allow you to assess the right fit and align with your professional goals.
  • Aren’t just for summer. Internships can take place all year long and can vary in length.
  • Don’t all lead to a permanent position. However, the relevant experience can be included in your resumé when applying for related jobs.
  • Are offered by many fields of work from business to government, finance, and skilled trades.


Mrs. Laura Hall, HS Nurse and Attendance Office

Just a friendly reminder! When reporting an absence, early dismissal, or late arrival, here are your options:

  1. Use the "Report Student Absence" form which can be found on the HS website's Health/Attendance Office page
  2. Submit an email to lhall@gananda.org with the student's name and reason for the absence, along with the pick up/drop off time
  3. Send Laura Hall a direct message via ParentSquare with the student's name and reason for the absence, along with the pick up/drop off time

For pick ups: when arriving, please call 315-986-3521 and follow the prompts for either the main office (option 1) or the health office (option 3) to let us know who you are here to pick up.