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When Gymnastics all began

Gymnastics has been a sport for about 2,000 years. The ancient Greeks trained their young students gymnastics as a education. The ancient Greeks practice gymnastics as a ways to prepare for war.

More facts on Gymnastics

There are many types of gymnastics to try like Artistic,rhythmic,aerobic,trampling, tumbling and more.Gymnastic can offer so many benefits to a child from increasing social confidence to strength, flexibility , balance , agility and coordination while having knowledge of safety on how to fall and roll of the beam vault and bars without getting hurt.
Interesting little fact

NASA scientist have discovered that jumping on a trampoline is 68% more effective exercise then jogging. It burns 410 calories more an hour


In order to do beam it takes flexibility , strength and balance.
Juliette gymnastics new Level 5 beam 9.675 January 2015


Unlike beam and bar floor takes more speed. In order to do your tumbling pass you want a head start to have the ability to do the flips.
Level 5 Gymnastics 2014 Floor


Vault is very alike to floor. To do vault you want the speed and height so you can flip over the vault and land.
Rachel Baxter 2013 Sectional Vault 9.9-Wildfire Gymnast Level 5


Bars can be dangerous in ways but as long as you keep your strength and balance up while performing on bars you can do just about anything you need. Bars take a lot of twisting around and flipping.
Level 5 Bar routine Starlight Invitational 2015 9.1 2nd place