The Great Plains

Midwest U.S.A.


The Great Plains is one of the 4 big Grasslands in the world, and it is right here in North America.It spans from north Texas to south Canada, If you want to visit it. It is in the Midwest region here in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Features of the Great Plains

The Great Plains have many Unique animals such as Buffalo, Wolves, many bird species and Prairie Dogs. The wheat fields, sunflowers and cottonwood trees are also common across the region. It has Trees here and there, but is mostly a region for plant eating animals and birds.

Because of all the open and mostly flat land lots of people and companies have started windfarms which are full of giant windmills to help generate electricity and power to cities all over the region.

Largest sites and cities for vacationers?

Rapid City- South Dakota, Austin- Texas, Oklahoma City- Oklahoma, Kansas City- Missouri, Wichita- Kansas, Bismark- North Dakota, Omaha/Lincoln- Nebraska, Pierre- South Dakota, Fargo- North Dakota. Also home to the Flint Hills, Badlands, and Black Hills.