Ancient Roman FAQS

Felix Galloway


Papyrus is an Egyptian plant that grew along the Nile river. When cut and layered in crisscross patterns, it is soaked in water to harden and get more durable. The paper is still called papyrus just like the plant. The process of soaking it in water can take up to 24 hours for one sheet.

Roman family

The head of a roman family is always the oldest living male in that family. The families in that time was much closer than the families of today. Also roman families back then were formed a lot quicker than now. For instance woman got married to older men when they were about 12 years old. Also having babies prematurely right after they were married led to woman dying in child birth.

Men clothing and jewelry

Men wore a basic garment called the tunica, over a simple undergarment called the toga. Also men wore a ring that is the only allowed piece of jewelry they can wear. The ring was meant to make a mark in sealing wax in order to authorize documents. It was an ordering to wear one of these rings by whomever is in charge.

Girls clothing

Girls who were not slaves wore the same toga over top of the same tunic as boys and men did. Each one had a purple border to supossively protect them from unseen dangers or objects. It was different from the men's toga because of the way it rested on their shoulders and drooped down.


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