Doping In Sports

A Project from Gabriel Vale

The First people to dope in Baseball.

The first people to dope in sports were Ben Johnson, Barry Bond, and Lyle Alzado. These athletes concerned Officials because They thought it was cheating. Now There are annual drug test. These officials have spent more than $1 million to prevent doping in sports. Not only are the professionals involved in this Colleges all over the world are trying to prevent doping in sports.

The MLB Takes procaution

The athletes use the illegal drugs to enhance their performance. The MLB has to test the athletes by peeing in a cup. For example Alexander Rodriguez was caught using steroids during the baseball season. He was penalized with a suspension from one season. The people who Own the sports and sports teams don’t want to break the law so they banned drugs from sports. Even Federal courts have banned the use of drugs that were not legalized.

Your Body really gets affected.

When you dope, your genes are changing and that is bad for athletes because it can make you stronger or weaker depending on the drug. According to the article “ Soon Steroids soon steroids will look as outdated as the Model T. In 1997, researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered that if they removed the myostatin gene in mice (the myostatin gene regulates muscle growth), they were twice as muscular as their siblings.

Time line of doping in sports.

Doping in sports has been around since 1865 and it was first used by a swimmer in Amsterdam, Holland. On July 23, 1896 Arthur Linton a famous cyclist was discovered doping. Then, in 1904 Thomas Hicks was charged of drinking and doping in a marathon. Next, in 1920 the act to stop doping in sports was here and ready to take on athletes who dope before sports.