driving age

why it shouldn't change

Why the minimum driving age should stay the same

The minimum driving age should stay the same because it would be inaccurate to say that all teens are irresponsible. Age 16 is about the right age because that is when most teens are ready to start driving. Not only are they tall enough, their brain can process more.
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Supporting facts

Drinking and driving causes more crashes

The crash rate decreases 15% from the age of 16-18

Teens need to learn how to drive sometime

The earlier a person learns a skill, the easier it is to teach

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This link is made to make you think about what might be the best by stating points to each side.http://www.heraldonline.com/opinion/article11609189.html
Persuasive Speech: Against Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

This kid does a good job of presenting his argument ^^^

He talks about how the teenage brain is developed enough to operate a vehicle.