Newsletter 1 June, 2022

Marian Catholic School

Principal's Reflection

Talofa aiga Hello to all our families,

This week is Samoan Language Week. We are blessed to have 20 students and their families who are from Samoa and we have a total of 59 students who are from Pacific Nations. These students gather each week for Pasifika Group where their cultures are celebrated through song, dance and sharing stories. On our staff we have two teachers who lead this group Mrs Agatha Soagia and Miss Cathrine Kaur. Our mass this week - Feast of Pentecost is being organised by our Pasifika group. Parents are most welcome to join us for this mass and a cup of tea/coffee afterwards.

Ka mua, ka muri - Looking to the past to inform the future

This whakatauki is our umbrella concept for our connected curriculum this year. Each term’s concept builds to culminate in a year’s learning that will enable our students to independently use their learning about the past to: Inspire new directions now and in the future.

Last term our students were involved in learning about Tūrangawaewae as a place of belonging where you draw strength from. Building on this learning, our concept this term is Heritage and students will use their interpretations of the past to make meaningful contributions to community decisions. Our heritage is shaped by the stories, objects and actions of the past and together will inform the way we build a faith based community for the future. The students have been challenged to take on roles of Influencer, Biodiversity Reporter, Museum Curator, and Historian to capture our special stories and preserve them for the future. We have a group of staff who are researching key historical dates in our school history. We will be celebrating the student’s learning with our parent community at the end of this term. Thank you for all your responses around Heritage. The teachers are using this information to help them with the teaching and learning this term.

Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank

I have received a most heartfelt letter of thanks for our food donations this year.

I am always so proud of our school community as the donations of food items exceed the baskets and spill over into numerous other containers. The Foodbank is experiencing increased demand and so far this year January to April prepared 2,039 food parcels supporting 2,496 adults and 3,590 children. The Hamilton Combined Foodbank are always so appreciative of our generosity. Thank you all so much.

Principal Sabbatical

I begin my Principal Sabbatical next week. I will be away for the remainder of this term and the first five weeks of next term. I will return 30 August 2022.

During my time away I will be visiting schools to inquire into the key role middle leaders play in embedding and sustaining cultural responsive practices across the school. Alongside the school visits I will be using this time as a retreat to refresh and recharge myself as a principal.

Mrs Louise Graafhuis will be Principal in my absence. She will be ably supported by Mrs Toni Walters-Freke our Deputy Principal. I feel most blessed to be in this position and able to leave the day to day running of the school in such capable hands.

May God continue to bless you and keep you in the palm of his hands.



Gospel Reflection - Feast of the Ascension

Matthew 28: 16-20

In Sunday’s Gospel Jesus returned to His father in heaven. The disciples were feeling very sad because they knew they wouldn’t see Jesus again in this world. Jesus knew how sad and scared the disciples felt. He said to them that He would be with them always through the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the sharing of the bread and wine at the Eucharistic meal.

Jesus asked the disciples to “Go out into the world and share God’s love and teachings with everyone.” An invitation to all to become Christ’s followers.

Today we are asked to share our faith and God’s Word with others. We all have the Holy Spirit living within us and God’s goodness working through us. May we be examples to others bringing “Christ into the World” through our words and actions.

Charism Focus

Our Charism focus for this term is LIVE COMMUNITY. This week we are focusing on How can we live our faith openly? We are asked to think about what is fair and unfair in our community, and act toward fairness in our world.

How do we treat others in our class and playground? If we think about what we say, how we say it and what we do when working with friends and classmates we are more likely to act fairly

Jesus is our model. He acted fairly and kindly to others, even those who treated him badly. What do we do when we see someone being treated unfairly by others? Do we walk away or help them?

What does this mean for us at Marian Catholic School? Using the model that Jesus has given us we need to act with kindness and care for those around us. Treat others as we would like to be treated.

A quote from Matthew’s gospel:

“Do unto others what you would have them do to you.”Matthew 7: 12

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DRS News


Thursday 2nd June Pasifika Mass: PENTECOST

Thursday 7th July End of Term Mass : HERITAGE


Tomorrow, Thursday 2nd June we are celebrating the Feast of Pentecost - the Birthday of the Church at our whole school Mass at 9.30am. The Marian School Pasifika Group will be leading us in singing and prayers during the Mass.

We invite parents, friends and community to join us for this special celebration of the Pentecost Mass. An invitation is extended to our parent and school community to join us for morning tea after Mass.

This Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost.

At Easter, through the Resurrection of Jesus, we shared new life as God’s children. This Sunday, after fifty days of celebration, we rejoice as Jesus fulfils his promise to send the Holy Spirit. Like the disciples, we welcome the Spirit’s guidance and protection so that we can be Jesus’ disciples today.

Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with the fire of your love.


This week we have Dianne Porter, our RE Advisor, in our school leading staff and students in creating prayer spaces - leading to the writing of prayer stories. This has been a great prayer experience for the students and staff to be involved in. Dianne introduced the colours of the church and the students were able to make connections to the meaning behind the colours and create stories of their own with their prayer spaces.

God Bless

Nicki Whyte DRS


We warmly welcome into our school community the following children and their families; Neil Mambilly Rm 3, Evelyn Fraser-Jones Rm 4, Audrey Espina Rm 10 and Zydriel Espina Rm 1.

Waikato Enviroschools Māra Kai Masterchef Challenge

On Tuesday 24 May, a team of LC3 students travelled to WINTEC to compete in the first Waikato Enviroschools Māra Kai Masterchef Challenge. The goal was to use produce grown in school or in our own homes, to serve a 3 dish menu to the judges. We planted our gardens in Term One to prepare for the challenge.

The students had worked hard this term to perfect their 3 dishes: spinach and cream cheese dip served with bread and vegetable sticks; beetroot veggie burgers with kūmara fries served with chilli mayo and sour cream and chives dip; and feijoa and banana ice cream with lemon and mint. In total, we were able to use 14 school or home grown products.

As the youngest team competing, we were acknowledged by the judges for our teamwork and ability to help our team members when they needed it.

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Sporting Achievement

Congratulations to Dallas Lee and Keilana Lee who are representing their club and NZ to compete at the Oceania Karate Cup Championship in New Caledonia on 5th and 6th June.

They are both top fighters in their grade in NZ so will be giving their best at this tournament to make their family, school and country proud.

We wish them all the best.

Road Safety Reminder

Around the cul-de-sac (staff car park) by St Teresa's you will see a red painted line. This line is a visual reminder to students to walk around on the footpath and to not walk on the road. We ask that parents/caregivers are role models to the students. Thank you for your support with this.


Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 3 closes this Friday, 3rd June at 3pm. Issue 4 booklets will be distributed soon. Thank you for your ongoing support in fostering the love of reading in our tamariki. If you have any queries, please contact Miss D’Cruz

Dates to Remember

  • Pentecost Mass - 2 June

  • Queen's Birthday Holiday - school closed - 6 June

  • Whole School Assembly - 30 June

  • End of Term Mass - 7 July

Before School and After School Care

Before School Care: If you are wishing to enrol your child at Before School Care please use the email above.

After school Care : For casual bookings please email the Friday before the following week. This is essential for our planning.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second-Hand Uniform shop is open Fridays from 2pm to 2:45pm. The shop is located in the Whare (situated on the edge of the church car-park)

All articles are from $2.00 to $10.00, the proceeds of which go to the Welfare Fund


Entertainment Books

Order your Entertainment Membership and support our fundraiser.

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