Linden Leopard Growl

Here at Linden we are ONE! --- FINAL June, 2020 Edition

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Dear Linden Families,

During Linden's recent 6th Grade Promotion ceremony, I shared this message with our Leopards who will soon join the CB 7th grade class: Maya Angelou believed, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” While these specific words have likely not entered your minds during these last three months, you have truly lived them. The Coronovirus pandemic has taught all of us, quite vividly, that we cannot control our environment. We can, however, choose how we respond to those circumstances beyond our control. Think for a moment about how you responded - The resilience & grit you were forced to reveal. You couldn’t change the fact that you could not go to school – but you, your teachers and your parents found a way to keep learning. Yes – you learned some math and yes – you continued to read. Did you also cook? Did you eat together as a family? Did you simply have more down time than you normally do and “choose” to find ways to enjoy your own company? Did you think about the part you can play in changing the world? And maybe even take a few steps toward achieving that goal?

In so many respects, we must all feel a great sense of accomplishment. During this unthinkable experience, we have all shown such grit, determination, and compassion. Our teachers and staff have continued their dedicated and caring work throughout distance learning, and I am so proud of all of you. Now it is time to take a break from the screen and enjoy a well deserved summer vacation.Take care of yourselves and each other.

As we look forward to the 2020-2021 school-year, the only real certainty is that no one knows what the school year will look like. We have months until the start of the new year and the world keeps changing everyday. Yet, I am thankful that we can plan together. I encourage you to complete CBSD Fall 2020 District Planning Survey. Share your voice and your ideas. Please know, as I plan for next year, the health, emotional well-being and safety of our children remains the priority for me and for the staff at Linden Elementary School.

Summer Communication

This is the final edition of the Linden Leopard Growl for the 2019-2020 school-year. Please watch your email for news and announcements from school during July & August. This summer, the school and office will be closed on Fridays. Additionally, we will continue to practice remote working on some days Monday - Thursday. If you need to get in touch with Mrs. Rodgers or myself, please email or call 267-893-4400.

I can't thank our students, staff, and parents enough for your collaborative effort and support this year. I continue to feel proud and privileged to serve as your principal.

I wish all of you a happy, safe & healthy summer!

Mike Testani

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Third Trimester Report Cards

Please read the following message from Dr. Nadine Garvin, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education.

Third Trimester progress reports are available for students in grades kindergarten through six via the district’s parent portal. The report cards are located under the DOCUMENTS option.

As you know, the focus of distance learning has been on instruction, engagement, feedback, and relationships. As shared with the roll-out of our Distance Learning – Phase 2, students are being assessed using a “pass/fail” system.

  • M = Satisfactory Work (Pass)
  • / = Unsatisfactory Work (Fail)
  • Blank = Not assessed during distance learning and/or student did not participate in or complete work related to that descriptor.

Grades 4-6 (Only)

  • Overall subject grades have been assessed using the following scale:
    • S = Satisfactory
    • U = Unsatisfactory
    • I = Incomplete

As we head into the summer months, we want to share an optional learning resource that families can look to for extra enrichment. It’s filled with online and offline activities curated with our Central Bucks students in mind. Find it here.

Mrs. Wooley's Class

Mrs. Wooley's class held a virtual end of year party to celebrate friendship.
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Miss Corrigan's Class

Miss Corrigan's class held their last Teams meeting today as a Class Teams Bingo party and we played number Bingo (#s50-100), Sight Word Bingo, and “Little Spot” Bingo.( Miss Corrigan used the Little Spot of... book series by Diane Alber this year to teach the kids about identifying emotions and strategies for handling emotions). Then the kids had one last chance to share something with the group as they've been doing each week during DL.

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Mrs. Leonard's Class

Mrs. Leonard's class made an end of year Flipgrid about favorite second grade memories, and held a virtual end of year party photo slideshow of happy memories, a scavenger hunt, and a GoNoodle dance party.
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Flat Mrs. Shinkunas

First grade sent home flat teachers so our kids could do things with us at home while quarantined. Then they wrote about what we did together. Here are a few pics of my kids doing things with flat Mrs. Shinkunas.
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Mrs. Shinkunas mailing her End of Year Letters to her Class

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Mrs. Rittenhouse's End of Year Class Meeting

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Mr. Wolf's End of Year Class Meeting

Mr. Wolf says "What a ride! Proud of these kiddos!"
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Middle School Summer Reading

Please click on the links below for Lenape and Holicong Middle School summer reading information.

Holicong Middle School Summer Reading

Lenape Middle School Summer Reading

Linden Yearbook Update

The Linden yearbook is in production and should be delivered sometime in mid July. When the yearbooks arrive we will arrange a day and time for you to be able to pick up your child's yearbook at Linden. You will receive more details as we get closer to distribution. Thank you all for your patients. Have a great summer!

Paint-n-Pottery Winter Program - artwork pick-up

A number of you have asked about retrieving artwork created in the Winter Program with Paint-n-Pottery. We were able to connect with Kathy, the manager of Paint-n-Pottery. Here is her message:

The Paint n Pottery studio in Doylestown is scheduled to reopen this Friday, June 5th.

Linden families should call ahead for curbside pickup. The number is 215-348-9003.

Kathy, the studio supervisor, will be there this week during the following hours:

Thurs. 12-8

Fri. 10-6

Sat. 10-6

Thank you so much for your patience during this trying time. We look forward to seeing everyone back in the studio soon!

Now is the Time to Register for the 2020-2021 School Year

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CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay


CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay food distribution event will continue every Wednesday at 4:00 for cars and 5:15 for guests unable to drive. Open to all CBSD families in need of a little extra food support. We will distribute until we run out. Milk, eggs, veggies, canned goods, and bread will be available today. Barclay Elementary School is located at 2015 Palomino Drive in Warrington. All traffic must turn right off of Palomino.

***El mercado estará abierto todo el verano.*** La distribución de alimentos de Mercado CBSD en Barclay es Miércoles 17 de Junio a las 4:00 . La línea para caminantes ahora comenzará a funcionar a las 5:15. Disponible para todas las familias de CBSD que necesitan un poco de apoyo alimenticio adicional. Distribuiremos hasta agotar existencias. Leche, huevos, verduras, fruta, pan! La Escuela Primaria Barclay está ubicada en 2015 Palomino Drive en Warrington. Todo el tráfico debe girar a la derecha desde Palomino Dr. a Barclay.

CB Cares Backpack Newsflash

Dear Central Bucks School District Family:

The CB Cares June Backpack Newsflash is now live online. Get it at at!

Have a great summer!

Summer Reading Program

This summer, earn one free book through Barnes and Noble summer reading program. Read any 8 books this summer and record them in the Reading Journal.

Bring your journal to Barnes and Noble between July 1st and August 31st. Click here to access your summer reading journal.

Happy reading!

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Camp Bucks

Programs are available throughout Bucks County and provide traditional adventure camps as well as sports and specialty camps.Click the banner for information.

Kids U Summer Camp

Click on the banner for information about programs offered through Delaware Valley University.

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