Comparison in Civil Rights Leaders

Leaders Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy

Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a civil rights worker that mainly focused on religion, specifically the Black Muslim religion. He was very against whites for the majority of his career, but he changed his mind at the end, and was assassinated later on by Black Muslims that said he had betrayed the cause.

This is a rubric for what he did well in from one to ten, ten being the best.

- Charisma- 10, he was very charismatic, and a very good speaker in general.

- Public View- 4, he did not have a very good reputation as people viewed him as a radical.

- Impact- 8, he did have a big impact on the civil rights movement, he was a big symbol for black people.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a civil rights worker in the NAACP. She was made famous because it was her arrest that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott led to the desegregation for buses.

- Charisma- 3, she was not as much a leader, she was more of a figurehead for the movement.

- Public View- 9, she was well received by the public because she was a small and well educated woman who had stood up for herself.

- Impact- 10, she is one of the most remembered civil rights workers in history right beside Martin Luther King Jr.

Ralph Abernathy

Ralph Abernathy was a civil rights worker very close to Martin Luther King and shared his views, such as nonviolence. He co-founded the SCLC with Martin Luther King, and took control of the movement after Kings death. He was later know for leading the Poor Peoples Campaign of 1968 (which included the march on Washington), this led to the creation of Federal Food Stamps.

- Charisma- 8, he was a minister and then a very good public speaker, this is definitely an example of a charismatic and well liked man in the community.

- Public View- 8, he was a nonviolent protester and a leader in nonviolent protest and stood by Kings side in the movement.

- Impact- 9, he was one of the main reasons for food stamps, of course he made an impact.

- In my opinion he was the best of these three leaders for being a believer in nonviolent protest.