Perch Lab

Perch Dissection Lab- Pre AP Bio- Vu

Perca flavescens

The Perch is possibly the most abundant fish in North America. It is classified under the phylum Chordata which means it has a notochord; a flexible rod-shaped body found in embryos. It is under the class Actinopterygii, order Perciformes, and family Percidae. Perch are primarily carnivorous fish that are mostly found in small ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Predators of the perch include larger fish such as the Large mouth Bass, Bluegill, Black Crappie, and other sun fish. Some species of birds, turtles, and large bullfrogs can be predators at times as well. Perch prey on insect larvae, crustaceans, and/or small fish. Their color seems to range from brassy green/brown to golden yellow. Perches, like all fish, have the job of maintaining the stability of the aquatic ecosystem in which they reside and play a key role in their habitats.

Parts of a Perch

Circulatory System

The perches circulatory system is a very low-pressure system in which its two-chambered heart is a single pump and has only one circuit of blood flow. Deoxygenated blood is first pumped through the heart to arteries; which distribute blood from the heart to the tissues, and up towards the gills. In the gills, the blood becomes oxygenated and makes its way directly to the body where it goes through veins whose job is to move the blood back the the heart. The perch has a circulatory system very similar to that of humans besides the fact that humans have a four-chambered heart and lungs.


In this lab students worked with their dedicated lab group in order to learn more about the anatomy and functions of a perch. Dissection gives students to observe the placement of organs on hand, and makes it easier for them to learn their functions. Students were given special dissection scissors and tools to aide them in opening the fish and to aide them in looking for organs. With this dissection students could see all body parts up close and personal instead of having to look at a drawing or representation of what it looks like.
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