My Mexico Cool-ject

Sicily Nissen


Below is a map of Mexico. To the east there is The Gulf of Mexico. To the west there is the Pacific Ocean.

Mexico's Culture

Women that are poor and in working-class households work in and outside the house, sometimes more than one job. A typical family dresses like a russian or an american. Poorer families typically wear traditional wear. The dress is influenced by Russians. Working-class mexicans usually consists of corn or flour tortillas with beans, tomatoes, and chili peppers. Other foods are enchiladas, tamales, beans, and sometimes if they don't have enough money, they will just eat the tortilla. Middle and upper classes eat more food that is influenced by russia and the U.S. Cold cereal, soda, and wine is also very popular beverages. Mexicans enjoy Siestas, T.V., movies, sports, and rock concerts. Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. Bull fights are also very popular. The people in Mexico are either very rich, or very poor, or in between. There isn't poor and rich. But there is Very rich, and Very poor. Many children beg in the streets, and many families don't have water, and they don't have enough food.

Agriculture and Industry

The major industries are construction, machinery and equipment, Food and Beverages, chemical, oil, and plastic products, electricity, water and gas productions, glass cement product industries, and other industries. Some main big things in Mexico's agriculture are corn and beans, but fruit are also a part of it thats big in other countries. Mexico is ranked one in producing onions, avacodoes, limes, and the safflower seed. Its ranked second in papayas, dried fruits, chilies, and pepers. It is ranked third in oranges, mangoes, chicken meat, whole beans, and asparagus.


The areas of high elevation have very cool temperatures. Sometimes even at Mexico City, located in the tropics, the temperature is freezing. The mountains usually have mild temperature. The valleys have pleasant temperatures too. In the forest its mainly warm temperatures and summer rainy seasons. Most of southern mexico is warm and humid, and climate in the Yucatan Peninsula is hot and dry.


The landforms in Mexico is bodies of water, plateaus, mountains, and coastal lowlands. Most of Mexico is surrounded by water, and the Gulf of Mexico is to the east. Most of Mexico's interior land is rugged and high. The entire plateau streches between two mountains that are higher. From the highlands the land goes down to the coast. Along Mexicos eastern and western coasts there are sunny beaches. The Sierra Madre is the range of several mountains together, and thats what makes up the Sierra Madre.