Blue Bird News

February 17, 2014

This Weeks Schedule

Tuesday-Valentine's Day Party/PJ Day/Stuffed animal day

Wednesday-9:00-9:50 am Spotlight rehearsal

Unit 6 Math test

Thursday-9:15 am Spotlight Assembly

2:00 pm Spotlight Assembly

6:30 pm Spotlight Show for parents

Friday-1:30-3:00 pm Mini Olympic Games Celebration

Spotlight Show-I posted this again for your reference.

The second grade concert is just two weeks away. Our theme this year is dogs. If you wish, you may send your child to the concert with a dog theme “costume”. PLEASE do not go out and spend money on a costume, but thinking a white shirt with black spots for Dalmations, a beret for a French poodle, a blackened nose from your Halloween make up for a doggie nose, a headband that has ears attached, a shirt that has a picture of a dog on it, etc. If no “costume” is available, then just a white, black, grey, yellow, or brown shirt is fine, since most dogs are one of those colors. Please remember that it is hot on stage under those lights, so no heavy costumes/shirts. The children have two assemblies during the day, so if you want to send your child to school with their “costume” on Thursday, February 20th, that is fine too. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night, February 20th. The children need to be at school by 6:20 p.m., and the concert will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Chris Volpe

Curriculum for the Week


This week we will continue to read Simple Machines.

We will also be focusing on learning about text features and captions.


On Tuesday we will be reviewing for the Unit 6 Math test on Wednesday. I will be sending home a review sheet on Tuesday night.

Please review the following skills:

  • Compare whole numbers using <,> and =
  • Even/odd numbers
  • Add three 1-digit and 2-digit numbers mentally
  • Ballpark estimates with double-digit addition
  • Subtract 2-digit numbers
  • Read and draw arrays for multiplication facts
  • Complete an in/out rule table
  • Solve addition/ subtractionnumber stores
  • Draw coin combinations for a given amount
  • read clocks to quarter hour


We started our Opinion piece last week, but didn't get to finish because of the storm. I found this really great lesson on line that I am so excited about trying! First, I'm going to ask the kids their opinion on which class pet would they want to get. Next, I will be posting posters around the room with QR codes. The kids will go around the room and use their IPods to scan the QR codes. Each QR code is linked to a video or web page about a different pet. After the kids do their research they will decide which pet they would like to get and write their reasons why. Here is a link to the teachers lesson.


We will not be having a spelling test this week because we will not have school on Monday and the kids will be up late on Thursday night performing in the Spotlight show.

Current Events-Olympics

This week the kids are going to work on learning about the Olympic Mascot and create their own Mascot.

They are also going to start working on researching one Olympic athlete and write a biography about that athlete.

On Friday we are going to have a Mini Olympic Celebration with some really fun games.

This Week's Homework

I have decide to also post the homework on my teacher site every week. So now you have two places to find it!

Tuesday-Unit 6 Math Review sheet

Wednesday-Extra Math

Thursday-No Homework due to Spotlight Show. Please be at school by 6:20 PM.