SPED Department Update

Week of February 10th

What do you think?

This format is a super simple way to organize info I have to give you. If you think this is not helpful or you like the email format better please, please, let me know. I was just thinking it may at least be more useful to share resources and info and not receive 1,839,440 emails in one day.

Medicaid Forms: Need as many returned as possible

Medicaid forms help us keep track of students and help with assistance, as in $$$$

Please try to hunt down any Medicaid forms you gave your caseload.

  • Hunt them down
  • Make a follow-up phone call
  • Make a copy of the form just in case (haha) the student looses it

Do you have ANY opinions on Collaboratives??

Our WWTA memberships and some leaders within the district are reconvening to create a Collaborative Advisory Committee: Paul Vigeant, Pat D’Alfonso (Co-Chairs),Cindy Wahl, Colleen Pigott, Melissa Frenette, Brian Ackerman

They are looking for YOU to join to form a sub-committee for the High School, it may be a great opportunity to have your concerns, ideas, and opinions be heard. They are looking for:

  • Among many issues they are looking to see what great collabs look like and what they DON'T look like and the resources they need to run properly
  • Meeting times will only be 1-3 times, all work is expected to be done before April 5th.

**Please let me know by 2/13/14: the timeline is a short one

Take a Seat - Make a Friend?

Can't find me???

Are you looking for your department head?

I am often in Room 165, as that is where my classroom is but... I am just a phone call away and I can always run up and meet you wherever is more convenient for you!!!

  • Come find me in room 165
  • Call room 165
  • Call or text 787-4788 to hunt me down
  • Email me

I am free during period 4 and 5 and I often come up but no one is usually around :(