best place in town its JUPITER

you wont regret it 2000 per person

the fun on jupiter

no you cant live there BUT WAIT!! don't let that stop you from coming on down BECAUSE i have an amazing hotel an inside pool/water park and a dog park yea you got that right A DOG PARK go ahead and bring your pets along , we EVEN has a fast and fun ride that goes around the whole planet. My hotel has the best of the best we have air conditioning,washing machines ,food and water.FREE ROOM SERVICE FOR ALL OUR GUEST, as well as a beach but its not inside its fun were you can hop around and fly around

FUN on jupiter

~HALLOWEEN~8:00 am - on Halloween you can go to the lobby of the hotel and ask for a bag ( about the size of a pillow) you can keep that until the clock hits 9:00 pm then you are allowed to go door to door in the hotel and ask for CANDY!! after everyone is done trike or treating it is time for the everyone to have fun around 12:00 am you can go to the back room in the hotel and there will be a party going on put on and your costumes ,dance and eat all together it ends around 2:00 am

~ THANKSGIVING~1:00 pm you can hit the back room and were having a BIGG feast for everyone to enjoy ,it all end around 9:00 pm

~CHRISTMAS~ 8:00 am you can come on down to the lobby and there will be a Christmas tree and all the staff got the names of everyone staying in the hotel and you can search for your name and open up the present we got you !!!

there will also be an event on the day before Christmas eve you will pick a name from a hat and you get them a gift from our store down the street and we open our presents we got from other people on Christmas

~NEW YEARS~ -anytime-go to the back of the room in the hotel and we have a crazy yet fun party full of music,dancing,food,drinks and plenty more 1:00 am


Jupiter fun

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 7am to Saturday, Jan. 30th 2016 at 11:45pm

Jupiter, FL, United States

Jupiter, FL

~ if you are staying for Halloween we are doing some fun events scroll down to check em out

~if you are staying for thanksgiving scroll down to check it out
~if you are staying for Christmas we celebrate like crazy animals scroll down to find out the events that are happening

~if you are staying for new years we have the most fun at that time scroll down to check it out

New years eve

on New years eve we throw a big party in the back of the hotel there will be drinks,music,dancing,Wii games,twister,board games ,snacks,and more enjoyable things for you and your kids to do !! ARE YOU READY TO HAVE SOME FUNNN!!!