Rebel Assignment

Klaudia Ward

Pluto's Character Traits

Teenage Rebellion: Pluto shot and killed dogs, he went to jail for it and they acted like it was nothing, he runs out of his house with a gun and doesn't even listen to the women.

Sneaky: Pluto would show up out of no where, he would always find out where Jim was. He is kind of Jim's shadow but people never noticed him

Lonely/Shy: Stay's away from the "group," he doesn't have many friends and keeps to himself. No one really knows he exist.

Family Challenges

Pluto's dad abandoned him, he never had that person to look up to. He didn't have anyone there for the dad advice that sons usually want and need in their life. Is mom was also never really there for him. He was kind of alone and had to do everything by himself. He rebelled against this because he didn't have that person there to tell him no. To hold him back he was all by himself. He needed the attention and did whatever he could to get it.

Character Change or Learned

My character had a lot of lessons that he could've learned from but he never jumped on taking that chance. He could've learned that he wasn't alone. That people were actually there for him and that he was safe. He could've changed his ways and been good friends with Jim. Instead of doing all of that though he decided not to listen to Jim and he ran out and got shot. He was killed because he couldn't trust people.

One of the Symbols

One of the Symbols that goes with my character is Pluto's mismatched socks. It shows that Pluto one didn't really care and to that he was on his own. To me it kind of showed that he wasn't payed attention to. He didn't have that person to look at him and tell him his socks don't match.


The main lesson of this film is cherish the parents guide they have. Not every child has parents that are there for advice, to help them and to always love them. It is to make kids open up there eyes and notice that to rebel is not the answer to make you be noticed.

Question out of the bag

Would you go to the police if your parents told you not to? Why or why not?

It really depends on the situation for me. I would do what I truly think is right and how it would help or not. If my parents told me not to I would ask them why they said not to. I would really have to think about what is right and go from there. It all depends on the situation for me