First day of Japanese 1! ^.^

Day 1-- Jan 19, 2016

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Japanese 1 Info! ^o^


おはようございます (Good morning)

It's great to have you in Japanese 1 class! ^_^ Please be sure to
read the previous announcement as well as this announcement if you have not already done so. The information in the announcements are VERY IMPORTANT for you to read carefully daily (Mon-Fri). Please do so before you start anything in this class.

In the first week (Jan 19th-22nd), we will focus on:

  • “ Orientation” (link located on the left)
    • Please go through every folder in this tab. ^_^
  • “ Introduction Module." Please be sure to go through the “ Orientation” link before moving on to the “Introduction Module”.
    • You can work through the Introduction to the Course, which is under the link called “Course Modules”, by clicking on Course Modules and then on the Introduction to the course folder. Be sure to go from one folder to the next in sequence. Read all the information provided, and finish all assignments and tasks.

VERY Important information for the course:

  • If you did not have a chance to login the course before, please read the previous announcements and the emails that I have sent to you. Please check your profile information in Blackboard to see if your email address is stored correctly to receive updates from blackboard. Please do this as soon as possible.
    • I have not received email responses back from some of you, so please be sure to respond to my Welcome email using the directions that I gave you in the email.
    • If you have NOT received the WELCOME EMAIL please EMAIL me as soon as possible to let me know, so I can resend it to you.
    • If your email address changed, please email me with your new email address.
  • Make sure that you complete all the assignments in the “ Orientation” and “ Introductory Module” by the due dates listed in the Due Dates Calendar link.
  • There is a google doc link to signup for a language coach, time and day. Please think about what time and days that will be good for your to do your coaching sessions. Remember that it is twice a week for 45 minutes each. This is 20% of your grade, so please make sure you select a time and day that really will work for you.
    • Language Coaching SignUp form link
      • Located: "Your Coach" link to the <---LEFT. (or) in the Welcome Email.

Welcome CALL ^o^
  • EVERY student needs to have a welcome call
  • I will check you off for this.
  • For some of you, I don't have working phone numbers, so please fill out the STUDENT INFO SURVEY.
  • You can find the link for the Student INFO Survey in your messages (where I've messaged it to you.) You can also find this link in the Calendar Due Dates tab. By clicking on the Calendar, and at the bottom of the month you'll find all the important links.
  • Here's the link to schedule an appointment with me to set up a Welcome Call:
    • If you have NOT spoken to me yet on the phone-- welcome call, please be sure to set up an appointment to have a welcome call.
  • If none of those times work for you please TEXT me and let me know.

What we will learn in Japanese 1:
  • This course will focus on speaking Japanese.
  • You will learn about the Japanese culture as well as learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana characters.
  • During the course, you will learn to read, speak, and write Japanese.
  • You will reflect on your experiences with this course through discussion and assignments.
  • You will be completing a LinguaFolio, Language Portfolio, for this course.
How the course is set up:
  • The five modules are made up of lessons.
  • For each lesson, you will view a video and listen to a Japanese dialogue.
  • You will also have lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and culture with student activities throughout each lesson.
  • To practice speaking Japanese you will be assigned a language coach that you will meet with via Blackboard Collaborate, twice a week for 45 minutes per session. It is a big part of your grade.
  • In each lesson you'll have assignments and quizzes to submit by due dates that you can find in the Calendar Due Dates tab on the left.
  • You will be expected to fully participate in all the activities to fulfill the requirements of this course.
  • You will be actively working with your classmates, language coach, and teacher as you explore Japanese.
  • Please keep a record of the time frame of each unit, and finish all the tasks on time.
  • This course requires you to spend (90 minutes) a day, 5 days a week on learning the content, doing activities, assignments and practicing the target language skills. Please make sure that you do so. As well as review at home daily.

  • Peer Tutoring Center--Please check out this tab to find out how you can receive tutoring or help with Japanese 1 by other Japanese students who have excelled in Japanese 1 in previous semester. Please use this resource for you to ask questions about Japanese language for Japanese 1. It is a great resource!

If you have any questions, please text me, Blackboard IM me, or email me at You can also call me during my office hours. Let’s have an awesome, fun semester learning Japanese! :)

Sincerely your Japanese 1 Instructor,
Hall sensei ^_^
ホール 先生

P.S. Check your announcements DAILY!

☻ /

It's great to have you in Japanese 1!! (✿◕‿◕)