The territory is fast-filling!

Come to the best territory ever!

There's 20 million acres of land for schools and universities to assure you're child education. The rich is always assisting the poor and helping them with their day to day to problems. In Minnesota you will never get sick, we posses a healthy climate. For no one considers wealth. There are big differences especially for women. Come to Minnesota with the best land and water.

Environment and Education

Minnesota has 6 ways to travel: Canoe, ox-cart, steamboat, stagecoach, train and last but not least foot. Minnesota is the best place for you're child's education, Harriet Bishop. Harriet had grown up and lived in Vermont, she had trained to become a teacher. Bishop was given an old black smiths shop to teach in. She cleaned and made it a healthy environment, which proves how much she cares about you're child's education. Come to Minnesota where the land is free without price!!