Anti-cellulite scrubs

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite - Anti-cellulite scrubs

Recipes cellulite scrubs - All scrubs give exfoliating effect that helps to remove dead skin cells and improve blood supply. These processes are means not only in the fight against cellulite, but generally support the normal skin condition. Therefore, cellulite treatment you can use any scrubs that can be made even in the home.

Scrub with sea salt - 1 part virgin olive oil mixed with 1/2 parts of warm water and dissolved in the recovered liquid 1 1/2 parts sea salt. Be ready to pour into the scrub palm and rub vigorously "problem areas" in the upward direction. A similar procedure can be done 1 time a week after a contrast shower, then rinse thoroughly and lubricate body lotion or cream. View more article at:

Coffee Scrub - Coffee enhances metabolism and helps removal of water from the body. Drunk a cup of coffee in the morning removes facial swelling. Coffee should be natural, soluble also irritate the stomach and only exacerbates the problem of cellulite.

Boil fresh or take already "asleep" coffee. After a hot bath put coffee grounds on the trouble spots massaged. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes. Result: in addition to velvety skin, flowed out, the legs become less in volume (due to release excess fluid).

Anti-cellulite gel - The jelly is used in those cases where the skin cannot tolerate fats that emulsion cosmetic. It is suitable for oily and normal skin.