Special End of the Year Edition

Lewiston- Porter IEC

From the Principal's Office

Dear Lewiston-Porter Intermediate Education Families,

As the school year draws to a close students and teachers alike eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer, a season filled with endless possibilities and well-deserved relaxation. The end of the academic year marks a significant milestone, offering a chance to reflect on the challenges, overcome in the growth experience throughout the year. Here are a couple of things to think about as summer lies ahead.

1. Reflect on your accomplishments:

The end of the school year provides an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and milestones reached over the past months students can take pride in their academic successes, personal growth, and the relationships they’ve forged. Teachers can celebrate the knowledge imparted, the impact made, and the growth witnessed in their students. Reflecting on these accomplishments, not only fosters a sense of satisfaction, but also inspires further growth in motivation for the future.

2. Rejuvenation and self-care:

Summer vacation offers a chance for students and teachers to prioritize their well-being and engage in much-needed self-care. Whether it’s engaging in a favorite hobby, spending quality time with loved ones, or embarking on new adventures, the summer break allows individuals to recharge their batteries and restore their mental and physical health. By embracing self-care practices, everyone can return to the next academic year, feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

3. Exploring new horizons:

Summer break is an ideal time to explore interests and passions beyond the confines of the classroom. Students can engage in activities that may not have had time for during the academic year, such as pursuing artistic endeavors, participating in sports or outdoor adventures, or volunteering for a cause they care about. Exploring new horizons, not only brightens one’s perspective, but also fosters personal growth and cultivates a new well-rounded approach to life.

4. Building lasting memories:

Summer vacations have long been synonymous with creating cherished memories. Whether it’s embarking on family vacations, attending summer camps, or simply spending lazy days with friends, the summer break offers ample opportunities to create lasting memories. These memories will not only serve as a source of joy and nostalgia, but also contribute to personal development, as they foster independence, resilience and social skills.

5. Cultivating lifelong learning:

While the summer break may seem like a pause from formal education, it doesn’t mean the learning stops. Summer provides a chance for individuals to engage in informal learning, exploring subjects of personal interest, or pursuing new skills. From reading books to attending workshops or pursuing online courses, the summer break can be an excellent time for self-directed learning and intellectual growth, fostering a lifelong love for acquiring knowledge.

As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to bid farewell to classrooms and embrace the warmth and freedom of summer. By reflecting on accomplishments, prioritizing, self-care, exploring new interests, building memories, and continuing to learn, students and teachers can make the most of this well-deserved break. Let us revel in the joys and possibilities that lie ahead, savoring the moments of relaxation and embracing the transformative power of summer.


Mrs. Rodriguez

Lancer Leader Assembly June 6th

On Tuesday June 6th the Intermediate Education Center held an assembly to award over 100 Lancer Grams to recognize Lancer Leaders!

The students were nominated by their teachers for exhibiting traits of the 7 Leader in Me Habits

Big picture

March- Sharpen the Saw Lancer Gram recipients

Grade 3 Students

Sebastian Ebos

Natalie Tarnowski

Noah AbuHammad

Veronica Stack

Stephen Witkowski

Harley Glenn

Lauren Levin

Amelia Greene

Brighton Medwid

Elise Giardino

Noah Lederhouse

Kwani Bocanegra

Grade 4 Students

Nicolas Yeates

Aaron Adornetto

Ashlynn Petko

Mia Piraino

Rory Donovan

Emmett Tidwell

Gavin Hotchkiss

Claire Carroll

Liam Seeloff

Emily Schroeder

William Balzer

Noah Biniamini

Reid Capizzi

Alyvia Dixon

Aubrey Welch

Grade 5 Students

Carter Litten

Jason Brown

Miles Fitzpatrick

Rhys Porter

Alexis Dietz

Rian Sliwowski

Joseph Gazy

Chloe Vanone

Easton Mobus

Aubrey Johnson

Sabrina Berti

Lucas Crigger

Annalise Lacey

April- Find Your Voice Lancer Gram recipients

Grade 3 Students

Noah Bajor

Cordelia Bickley

Luca Granto

Olivia McGilveary

Ryland Hoyle

Alayna Kaminska

Guy Bevacqua

Kira Martinez

Jackson Biddle

Caden Mooridian

Gavin Haywood

Cecelia Lasher

Grade 4 Students

Natalee Pope

Liam Favorite

Corban Stuckey

Sophie Frey

Logan Moran

Sophia Tomlin

Lou Penale

Carter Ries

Brielle Anderson

Zachary Belen

Atticus Clark

Emily Miller

Lorenzo Ramirez

Logan Sarkees

Grade 5 Students

Hunter Bane

Francesca Jourdain

Joey Granto

Bella Robinson

Libby Finkle

Giuseppe Spagnolo

Ashland SPriggs

Blake Stevens

Parker Kramer

Brayden Cain

Emma Friedrich

William Wright

Robert Bauer, Jr.

Peyton Lolley

Declan MacNamee

May- Celebrating Leadership Roles Lancer Gram Recipients

Grade 3 Students

Ava Manzare

Andrew Tempest

Nora Varney

Minahil Khan

Gabriella McLaughlin

Avery Burley

Elliot Freischlag

Tanner Denitto

Sterling Spencer

Riley McMahon

Grade 4 Students

Shaylee Reele

Robert Welch

Ella Wedge

Noah Campise

Juliet Dimieri

Layla Anthony

Alex Anthony

Mason Myers

Aurora Woods

Anthony Seguin

Alana Thompson

Alfred Ligammari

Ema Schmiege

Nora Waxman

Jesse Steele

Grade 5 Students

George Elia

Dylan Nablo

Cooper Boddecker

Blake McNerney

Allan Johnson

Ella Clark

Alyssa Cardamone

Hunter Hockenberry

Luke Suitor

Cadence Fetzner

Spring Concert June 7th

Congratulations to the IEC music students grades 3-5 on an outstanding Spring Concert. All Musicians: Chorus, Band and Orchestra performed on Wednesday, June 7th to a packed High School Auditorium. They were very excited to perform for their families and friends.

Mrs. Spinnegan, Mrs. Carere, Miss Faddis and Mrs. Zachary are very proud of their performances. Check out our Lewiston Porter Music facebook page for a recording of the concert.

Lewiston-Porter Music Program | *We are very sorry that we were unable to record the third grade chorus and the first part of the grade 4/5 chorus. We were having Wi-fi difficulties.... | By Lewiston-Porter Music Program | Facebook


The red, white and blue was certainly flowing at Lew-Port on

June 14th, Flag Day! The grounds were decorated with 400 American flags and the school echoed the same inside.

This annual event, put on by the Service Learning Multi-Age classes, really outdid themselves this year! Nearly 100 veterans and guests attended the morning reception hosted by TOPS and Tim Hortons. Guests mingled and viewed patriotic projects made by enrichment students. Multi-Age students greeted and served the veterans. At 9:30, the Flag Day Ceremony began inside our auditorium. The students put on a short play explaining the importance of our flag and signed and sung, Proud to Be An American. Veteran Vince Canosa delivered a heartfelt speech to the student body and led students through a flag folding ceremony. Afterwards, the event moved outside for the Flag Retirement Ceremony where veterans and students place worn flags into a fire for retirement. It was a wonderful day to spend with our local veterans as we reflected on what it means to be an American.

IEC Bathroom Makeovers!

If you happen to stop into the girls’ and boys’ restrooms ... you’re in for a BIG surprise!

The restrooms in the 100 wing at the IEC (first floor North side) are now bright and cheery! Students in the Service Learning Multi-Age classes voted on the makeover themes with the creative assistance of Mrs. Khatib, Mrs. Dougherty, Mrs. Danahy and Mrs. Stevener. . The girls choose retro, with words of affirmations. The boys went for video gaming!

The 2nd floor South (5th Grade wing) bathrooms were done in music (girls) and football (boys)

With the help of Mr. Dan (Parker), our school's amazing maintenance man, it all came together and the results are AWESOME!!! Our October Fun Run fundraising money was used for the project. A big “thank you!” to the PTSA for organizing the Fun Run fundraiser!

A very Special Thank You to Mr. Parker!

We want to say Thank You to Mr. Parker for all his help with the bathroom makeovers as well as the Flag Day celebration decorations! We appreciate you!

Guest musician Jen Mulhern!

On Thursday, June 8th, Mrs. Spinnegan’s 4th and 5th grade Orchestra students met with guest musician Jen Mulhern to learn about how she uses electric instruments and technology to create live, improvised music. Jen is from South Padre Island, Texas and performs all over the country. She is essentially a “one-woman band” and uses a cello, looping pedal and a 6 string electric cello to create her music. The kids absolutely loved hearing her perform and she definitely inspired them to try making their own music! It was a unique experience for the students and Mr. Duncan and I can’t thank the Lewiston-Porter Alumni association enough for providing the grant money to bring Jen in to work with us!

If you’d like to check out some of Jen’s music, her website is: www.jenuinecello.com

Spelling Bee!

On Thursday, June 15, the fourth grade classes held their Annual Grade 4 Spelling Bee. Three students were selected from each class. Each class selected their top spellers. These students were given weeks to prepare and study the hundreds of words on the list. Eighteen students showed their spelling skills off in front of classmates, teachers, and family members. This year's Spelling Champion goes to Quincy Huntington from Mrs. Khatib's Service Learning class. In second place was Emily Schroeder and in 3rd place was Lauren Toohey, both from Mrs. Niccola's class. Congratulations to all of this year's participants for a job well done!

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Wishing you a VERY happy retirement! We will miss you SO much

Mrs. Black Fontanarosa

Mrs. Hauck

Mrs. Lombardo

Mrs. O'Shea

Miss Singleton

Mrs. Zito

Lewiston- Porter Intermediate Education Center

Mrs. Tina Rodriguez, Principal

Mrs. Aliscia Krecisz, Elementary Program Coordinator