Dork Diary 2

Rachelle Russel Renee

Characters setting and genera

Major characters: Nikki, Cole, Zoe Brandon, Mackenzie.

Minor characters: Brianna, ballet kids, Mackenzie's mom, ballet teacher, mom, dad Theodore, all dance crew members, and predicable. Also the chaperons at the party, and all people at the party.

Setting: Boo at the zoo (for the dance), Nikki's house, School, Mackenzie's house, Boo at the zoo (ballet party), Mall.

Genera: Realistic Fiction.


Conflict: Mackenzie is in charge of the dance but she quit and she took all of the plans for the dance with her leaving Nikki and the other dance crew members nothing to work with

Resolution: Nikki assigns each crew member something to do and the dance fell right into place and they saved the dance.

Rising Action

1. Nikki wins the art contest and gets $500

2. Cole and Zoe sigh themselves and Nikki up for cleaning crew at the dance

3. Mackenzie invites every one to her party

4. Nikki uses her money for a dress

5. Jessica ruins Nikki's dress

6. Nikki is payed $150 to paint faces

7. The kids having their faces painted attached themselves to Nikki.


Nikki's crush asks her to the dance and said no to Mackenzie.

Falling Action

1. Nikki makes her friends upset.

2. Her crush follows her out side and cheers her up.

3. She apologizes to her friends and they all make up.

Type of sentences

"Nikki you ruined my new dress!" exclaimed Mackenzie

I can't believe I won the art contest, and $500!

I don't think I will be invited to Mackenzie's house, after the dress incident.

Point of view/Theme

The point of view is 1st person. And the theme is that high school is trouble by it's self.