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Welcome Grade 5 Families!

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Dear Rising 6th Grade Families,

I hope this letter finds you well, and that you have weathered through the unusual experiences we have all had this spring. I am sure you are eagerly anticipating your entry into O’Maley in the fall despite the unknowns before us. We have new challenges for our transition while we are remote, but O’Maley faculty and staff are very much looking forward to partnering together over the next few years. In the meantime, I want to welcome you to the O’Maley community, and provide information to you and your children as you head into summer.

First, as we were unable to hold our usual orientation, our staff has compiled a presentation for you. It includes video excerpts from teachers, descriptions of classes, and many photos that will give you a sense of O’Maley. I hope that it answers a lot of questions you may have.

Please link here to view the presentation. It is best viewed in “Present” mode.

As we prepare for your children to join O’Maley, the following information may be helpful to you:

  • Placement: House and Homeroom assignments will be sent out in mid to late August. We realize that you would like this information as soon as possible, however, over the summer there is often a good deal of change with families moving in and out. Waiting until later in the summer ensures that our groupings are balanced across the houses throughout grades 6-8, ensuring the most equitable learning experience possible for all students. Our placements are made with the intent of heterogeneous groupings. There are many criteria involved to ensure that House teams and classes are well-balanced. As a result, we are unable to accept requests for House teams or teachers. If you have a particular concern about your child’s needs, please contact me to share information that will be passed along to his/her team in the fall.

  • Homeroom: Students start the day in the homeroom every day for ten minutes. This is an important part of the day, as it’s where students organize belongings and shift their mindset from “home” to “school” mode. Research shows that students who miss homeroom often have a tough time acclimating to the rest of the school day. While students change groups among core academic classes, for the most part students travel to specialist classes with their homeroom groups.

  • Math Placements: As a result of the school closure, and in consultation with the elementary math coaches, we have made the decision to hold off on placing students into leveled math classes at the start of the school year. The only exception will be for those students who require a supported or co-taught math class per Special Education IEPs. Grade 5 teachers and coaches have organized and shared data based on performance prior to closure, as well as teacher recommendations. We will review this information for House placement, but will place leveled math classes for the start of Term 2, in mid-November. Reorganization of student schedules will occur at that time, but House changes should not be necessary. Prior to placement you will receive information on the different levels and and the level in which your child has been assigned.

  • Schedules: Students will receive their schedules on the first day of school, September 2nd. On that day, teachers typically meet students and guide them to locations throughout the school. As noted above, class groupings will be reorganized and schedules reissued for the start of Term 2 to accommodate math placements.

  • Supply Lists: Supply lists will be posted on the O’Maley website for each grade level in late summer at about the same time that House Placements are mailed.

  • Contact Information: Keeping your contact information up to date in the School Brains information system is essential so that you are informed about O’Maley happenings. Most O’Maley communications are sent via email. We also post most information at omaley.gloucesterschools.com. Please contact the main office if you need to update your child’s information.

  • Communication: Each week you will receive the O’Maley Family Focus newsletter over School Messenger. Please be on the lookout; I will begin to include you in the remaining O’Maley Focus editions this year so that you can get a sense of the information that I provide. Past editions can be found at the bottom of each issue, as well as the option to translate into your preferred language. If you ever have any thoughts about information that would be helpful for me to include, don’t hesitate to ask!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. I will be available during the summer, and will be happy to connect over email, phone or video chat. Enjoy your summer!

Best Regards,

Principal Lynne Beattie


978-281-9850 x26303

Virtual O'Maley Summer Academy

Mark your calendars and charge your computers.... O'Maley Academy is going virtual this summer! O'Maley will be running virtual summer camps starting July 13th. Offerings include, Musical Theatre Camp, Drama Boot Camp, Creative Writing, Science Exploration, and Summer Reading Program. Sign ups open online June 8th- check next week's family focus for the registration link and program descriptions.

Remote Learning Page for Families

Link to access all of our links and detailed information about the remote learning program at O'Maley in one place.