Jackie Robinson

By: Isaac Knittig

Before we go Back in Time...

This article is going to be about Jackie Robinson. If you ever wondered who Jackie Robinson is and what he did and why is he important you will learn in this article. You are probably wondering he is just a baseball player but, he is a lot more important than that. You will learn about his child hood, what he did, and how important and sad it was. I hope you like my article and learn a lot about Jackie Robinson. Finally did you know Jackie as a kid and teen didn’t just play baseball? You will learn in this article.

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Jackie's Childhood

Let’s go back all the way to 1919 January 31 in Cairo, Georgia when Jackie Robinson was born. Jackie was the youngest out of five children. He had three brothers and one sister. Their names are Mack, Edgar, Frank, and Willa. His parents’ names are Mallie and Jerry. As a kid Jackie played four sports Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball. Jackie Robinson’s full name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson. But people call him Jackie.

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What was the Problem with Baseball?

Later in Jackie’s life he decided to stick with baseball he played for a Negro league baseball team called the Montreal Royals. He could not play for a major league team because he was black. The Negro leagues is a major leagues for black people. Jackie Robinson was definitely good enough to be in the majors but he just couldn’t. He was an awesome baseball player he stole lots of bases even home he was so fast. In the Negros he played short stop. He was so good at his position and hitting. People were frustrated that they couldn’t play in the majors because of the color barrier. He had to do something about it.

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What did Jackie do?

Later on Jackie got drafted to the Brooklyn Dodgers! He was the first black major league player! He played first base, second base, and third base on the dodgers. People were mean to him and called him names they called him very bad and hurtful names. So hurtful I can’t even tell you what they called him. The umps made terrible calls when they were making calls for Jackie Robinson. The only people that cheered him on were other black people. Not even his own teammates liked him. Eventually his players liked him and stud up to the mean people. Also some white people started too cheered for him. Jackie’s number was 42. You might think what I just told you was all he did but no it is not. Jackie even though he had to go through a lot he did something about it he let other black people play in the major leagues! He broke the color barrier! Now that is awesome don’t you think? And that is what Jackie did.

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Before we go Back to the Present…

I hoped you liked my article. Also if you were listening you might have found out what Jackie Robinson did and how important it is. It’s important because if Jackie never did do that then lots of our favorite baseball players would not be in the major leagues like Lorenzo Cain. He would not be on the royals. So you should thank Jackie for what he did. Did you know that because of how awesome Jackie was that no one can be number 42 in the major leagues? But they have a day (when you are in the majors) called 42 day where everybody wares the number 42. Unfortunately Jackie died in October 24 1972 at 7:10 a.m. He was only 53 years old. He died because he had diabetes and then had a heart attack. All in all what Jackie did was amazing don’t you think?