Nazi Hunters

By: Neal Bascomb

"There is no freedom without justice" Simon Wiesenthal

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Two Signifigant Themes

  • Justice is important to those who have been treated unjust
  • Justice is hard to achieve without maximum effort

Justice is the main theme throughout the story as the book revolves around bringing Adolf Eichmann to be tried in Israel. Those wanting to bring Eichmann to trial were people that he hurt and felt he was unjust to them. Without the help of a countless number of motivated people throughout the book Eichmann's capture would never have happened.

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Connection to Current Events

Eichmann initially did not feel right capturing and torturing Jews as it went against his (and hopefully every single persons) basic beliefs of not committing genocide , however his morality was soon overcome by the prospects of extensive power and prestige which accompanied the act of committing these atrocities . I see this connect to the current presidential election. Candidates like Marco Rubio, Bernie Sanders, and John Kasich refrained from attacking anyone as they wanted to run a clean campaign. But just as Eichmann was forced to abandon his core morals the candidates above also were forced double back on their promises. Rubio and Kasich have been forced to attack front-runner Donald Trump as they saw he was leading in the polls and they needed to bring him down. Both situations involve power as power made Eichmann do what he didn't want to do. The thought of Trump gaining power made the candidates do what they didn't want to do.
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The Mossad Team responsible for Eichmann's capture

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The Trial of Adolph Eichmann

"We will bring Adolf Eichmann to Jerusalem, and perhaps the world will be reminded of its responsibilities. It will be recognized that, as a people, we never forgot. Our memory reaches back through recorded history. The memory book lies open, and the hand still writes."

-Isser Harel (head of Mossad)

Hidden Nazi bunker discovered deep in Argentinian jungle

Nazi Hideout Video

This video connects with the story as it explains how Nazi's moved to Argentina after World War 2 just like Eichmann did.

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