Taylor's Territory

Class news for 12/7 - 12?11

Current Skills

Writing - We are writing using a compare/contrast format. I will be reviewing the last prompt and meeting for individual feedback.
Grammar -We are using mentor sentences for explore parts of speech and build our sentence variety.

Christmas Party (12/16)

Our celebration will be a brunch on Wednesday, December 16th. We plan on eating around 9:00. The day will be spend snacking, reading, and building social skills through interactive Christmas activities. I think we should have some You will be contacted by Mrs. Gaither soon as to what to send.
This is the day of our Secret Santa reveal, so the final gift should be brought in by Wednesday, Dec. 16th. The SS has been so much fun. Students were asked to bring two small gifts this week and their final next Wednesday. We have had a lot of fun trying to throw people off the trail and onto a fake one! The final gift should cost no more than $12.00 and you certainly don't have to pay that much, but I felt we should have a limit.
I will need a few people to help set up, but nothing major. I want the day to be fun and relaxed for all of us.

I have not been sending these newsletters out because the fifth grade now send s a paper one. maybe some of you are getting it - I see them in desks and the recycling bin often and NO ONE will ever say that it is theirs!
There's one coming home today...

Thank you for all your support,